How Vivian discovered a safer hyperpigmentation treatment

How Vivian discovered a safer hyperpigmentation treatment

Vivian was always shy due to her skin type. And she struggled a lot with her acne outbursts on both her chest and back.

So, she was never keen to wear clothes that exposed the skin in those areas. Vivian tried her best to hide her issues. And when her skin started to get darker on her chest, she felt like there was nothing in this world that will allow her to wear anything other than a high collar blouse.

Her sister suggested she needs to see a dermatologist. And half-hearted, she went for the appointment with a local specialist.

Vivian was told that she was young and her chest and back acne discoloration was caused by acne. And the dermatologist was confident this type of hyperpigmentation would fade away in time. As a result, Vivian used some anti-acne creams and waited for the discoloration to fade.

But to her disbelief, after a year and a half, the hyperpigmentation got worse. 

And one day, while scrolling her social media feed, she stumbled upon the story of a lady that treated her skin discoloration with an all-natural product.

Vivian frowned a bit at the thought, but she kept reading as the topic interested her. 

That lady shared her opinion about skin brightening creams, that can lessen hyperpigmentation and restore the youthful appearance of any skin type. And the best part about it was that there were no chemicals added in the formula. 

Vivian knew that skin whitening creams are usually made with hydroquinone. And she didn’t want to use that on her skin. Still, after reading that lady’s story, she looked for additional information about natural skin whitening solutions.

She found out about a brand named Swiss Botany, that used only natural ingredients in their skincare products. And after looking at several products on their website, Vivian found a sensitive whitening cream. 

Its description said it was rich in powerful whitening agents such as Vitamin C and Lactic Acids. And this caught her attention because she knew Vitamin C has the power to heal the skin. 

Vivian decided to order this sensitive whitening cream from Swiss Botany.

When she received this hyperpigmentation treatment, she took the time to read the product’s instructions. And after using this product every day for four weeks, she noticed there was a change in her skin.

Her chest discoloration was fading, and the acne and scars weren’t so visible as before. 

Encouraged by her results, Vivian took some pictures and continued to use the product for another month. And when she compared the photos with her two months' results, she was speechless!

Vivian was finally able to wear any dress or clothing item that showed her chest’s skin. There was almost no discoloration, while the acne, dark spots, and scars were nearly gone. 


Well, if you too struggle with darker skin pigmentation in sensitive areas such as the chest, the face, or the back, you can follow Vivian’s example. It was never easier to rejuvenate your skin and make it less hyperpigmented! So, if you want a safer hyperpigmentation treatment and avoid skin bleach, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1 – Click here to order your first (or next) ULTIMATE SENSITIVE WHITENING CREAM

Step 2 – Post your results (or questions) in the comments below!


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I have a question although I have looked for have never seen addressed. What about the opposite issue? Where you have scars and What’s Left Behind is no pigmentation? Kind of like a little white circle or a little white line?


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