Introducing The Safest Filler Alternatives Using The Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel

Introducing The Safest Filler Alternatives Using The Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel

Are you are looking for alternative fillers? Worry no more as Swiss Botany brings you the safest alternative filler using Dragon’s Blood Gel. The Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel has natural ingredients designed to replicate the effects of fillers on skin tightening procedure without the risk of complications that comes with chemical fillers. You can now take care of yourself without suffering the difficulties that arise with the application of chemical fillers.

Fillers have been around for a very long time and undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to remove wrinkles from the facial skin.


Dragon's Blood

The botulinum solution is very poisonous and when consumed in large quantities, can be deadly. It is used in small amounts to treat a variety of medical conditions and skin problems. Harsh pharmaceutical treatments are one of the most performed cosmetics surgeries in the world today as a lot of people take the option for their skin problems.

The procedure is for the cosmetic use of smoothing out wrinkles in the forehead, between the eyebrows, reducing frown line, forehead lines and reducing crow’s feet.

However, these treatments are often temporary and come with lots of risks. Some of the complications associated with the procedure are paralysis of the wrong muscles, muscles stiffing and change in facial expressions.

In other to help you avoid all the complications that come with using chemical fillers, Swiss Botany introduces the Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel, a natural face sculpting gel made with plants and resins. The primary element in the product Cronton Lechleri, is a resin extract from Northern Australia. Cronton Lechleri is very useful in the removal of fine aging lines. This product, unlike the chemcial procedures, is a more permanent solution to wrinkles and fine lines.

Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel

The Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel Works For The Following Facial Treatment;

Aging Lines and Crowfeet

The Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel is designed for the removal of fine lines in the forehead, around the mouth and other parts of the face. The product, however, can be used to erase crows-feet and aging lines at the back of the hands. When combined with the Swiss Botany Wrinkle Wand, this product works wonders against those frown lines that take off the youthfulness from your face.

Natural Filler for Lips

The Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel when used on the lips daily can serve as an organic Filler treatment to improve the general appearance of the lips.


Dragon's Blood


Removal of Eye Bags

The product is very active against dark eye bags. Daily application of the dragon’s blood on the eye will help reduce those sad eye bags. However, this effect is permanent only when the Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel is used with the Swiss Botany Retinol Serum. Also, you can quickly remove those black eye bags with just the quick application of dragon’s Blood under your eyes.


Now that you know about a better Alternative to the Filler Skin Tightening procedure, you can now get rid of those aging lines without worrying about risks and complications.

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