Licorice for Skin Lightening

Licorice for Skin Lightening

Sweet treats and candy are not the only reasons that licorice is good for. You might be surprised to hear that licorice plays a huge role in skin lightening. The powerful ingredients in licorice allow it to lighten your skin very effectively, and in many cases, it can be a quick treatment as well. Using licorice for skin lightening can enable the evenness on your skin that you’ve been looking for.

Why Do People Lighten Their Skin?

Before we get into why you should use licorice for lightening your skin, it’s important to understand why people lighten their skin in the first place. Skin lightening is used as a method to remove dark spots or marks on the skin which may have been caused by diseases or skin conditions. The goal of skin lightening is to achieve and restore your natural skin color, rather than change it to a new shade altogether as skin whitening would. Licorice is great for providing an even skin tone and thus can be the perfect ingredient for your skin.

Benefits of Using Licorice for Skin Lightening

Licorice is an effective skin lightening treatment to use. It is actually 1000 times more effective than vitamin C, which is also great for lightening the skin. Because of its extreme benefits, it works pretty quickly and leaves the skin an even tone.

Licorice also has qualities known for non-irritation due to its Glabridin content. Glabridin is derived from licorice root and is soothing and welcoming to the skin. This leads to anti-inflammation effects as well as anti-bacterial properties.

The great thing about licorice is that it can immediately target and penetrate into the areas where skin is damaged. Inside the skin, the licorice then targets enzymes that produce too much color pigments and slows them down. It effectively maintains pigmentation processes to the point where the color on your skin begins to lighten and come back to its natural tone.  

Which Products Include Licorice

There are many products out there that include licorice for skin lightening, but not all of them are natural. To stay the safest, it’s best to stick to natural ingredients. Swiss Botany has its own Natural Skin Brightener with Mulberry & Licorice. This product can fade dark spots and restore skin tone to its natural color. It evens the skin and features two key ingredients for skin lightening- mulberry and licorice. Combining the effectiveness of licorice with the powerful ingredient mulberry can enhance your skin well beyond skin lightening. This includes preventing aging signs and protecting your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. What makes this product great is that it is all-natural in addition to effective and powerful for the skin.


Lightening the skin is becoming common amongst many people looking to gain an even skin tone. Searching for the perfect ingredients can become difficult and frustrating. Some products are harmful while others don’t produce effective results. However, sticking with natural ingredients like licorice can help you stay safe as well as achieve your skin lightening goals.


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