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Looking at Enhanced Skin Brightening Vitamin C Gel

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We all know the benefits of eating or drinking vitamin C. But what about using it on our skin? Here's an inside look at Enhanced Skin Brightening Vitamin C Gel.

Vitamin C isn't just good for the rest of the body. It's fantastic for your skin health as well.

Have you ever heard of Vitamin C gel? We've put together a guide to understanding this powerful skin care product and when you should use it.

Check out what we found!

The Importance Of Vitamin C in Skincare

The skin requires a lot of nutrients and hydration to be healthy. Vitamin C is just one such nutrient that provides a major benefit to the skin.

Vitamin C is the 'brightening' nutrient. Skincare professionals typically consider it to be the top notch vitamin for anti-aging and evening out a complexion. 

This doesn't necessarily mean that a proper diet and additional skin care products aren't necessary with the use of Vitamin C skin care. It simply means that Vitamin C definitely needs to be a part of your regimen, on top of everything else your skin needs to be happy and healthy.

This is where Vitamin C gels or serums come in.

All About Vitamin C Gel

Vitamin C in a topical form can provide more stability to the skin. It can also deliver much-needed antioxidants to the skin. This is important because in order to properly prevent skin cell degeneration, the skin needs that antioxidant nourishment.

You can typically see results almost immediately with a Vitamin C gel or serum. Your complexion will appear healthier and brighter while the Vitamin C works to protect it from oxidative stress.

Vitamin C gels can also protect your skin from UV damage. However, you should still apply a sunscreen daily along with a Vitamin C gel.

Enhanced skin-brightening Vitamin C gel typically comes in a capped jar or pump. It is usually applied the morning and at night for consistent anti-aging and brightening effects. A moisturizer and sunscreen are typically applied after.

Not all Vitamin C gels are created equal. A quality Vitamin C gel or serum will feature some specific things:

The Right Kind of Vitamin C

That's right, there are several kinds of Vitamin C. The most significant form of Vitamin C for the skin is ascorbic acid and a majority of Vitamin C research in terms of the skin has focused on this particular form.

Other great forms of Vitamin C for the skin include ascorbyl palmitate and sodium ascorbyl phosphate.

Natural Perfumes

Chemical perfumes or alcohol-based perfumes can be irritating to the skin. Perfumes made from essential oils are much better and can also deliver their own individual benefits to the skin as well.

Eye Safety

The skin around your eyes is significantly more delicate and prone to tearing that the rest of your face. Vitamin C gels should definitely be applied around the eye area.

However, some Vitamin C gels can be eye-irritating, mostly due to the inclusion of a chemical perfume in its ingredients.

Check to make sure your Vitamin C gel is safe for the eyes or opt for a Vitamin C eye gel instead.

How was our guide to Vitamin C gel? Tell us what you think, along with your own experience with this valuable skincare product in the comments section below!

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