Penile Insensitivity | Causes, Symptoms, Prevention

Penile Insensitivity | Causes, Symptoms, Prevention

What is Penile Insensitivity?

The penis is usually very sensitive. However, sometimes it could lose its sensitivity. This insensitivity means one can no longer feel a normal sensation when touched. If you don’t treat the cause of penile insensitivity, it could start to affect your sex life in a negative way.

In this letter, we'll learn more about penile sensitivity, its causes, symptoms and possible remedies. So let's straight into it...


Symptoms of Penile Insensitivity

If you’re experiencing penile insensitivity, you may feel numb to touch. Depending on the cause, you can feel any of the following symptoms:

  • a burning sensation

  • Itching feeling

  • Irritation 

  • a tingling feeling

What Causes Penile Insensitivity?

The following are possible causes of penile insensitivity.


Alcohol is a common cause of penile insensitivity amongst men today. 

Usually people drink alcohol to relieve stress, to have fun or socialize.

However, we all know over consumption of alcohol can have negative side effects to the body and even the skin.

It can lead to rapid abnormal aging and to the skin on your penis, the effects are typically the same hence leading to penile insensitivity or numbness over time.

Because alcohol increases dopamine levels in the body, the feeling becomes satisfactory enough for an addict that sex becomes meaningless.

Over time, an alcoholic will depend more on booze than actually being with a partner that their sensitivity to sex is greatly affected.

Not to mention, over drinking can lead to extensive cell damage throughout the body hence numbing the skin.

If this is done uncontrollably, it could have drastic effects on your overall skin including your down under area.


Although it’s not clear how many men lose penile sensitivity due to masturbation, this habit can cause injuries that damage nerve endings if done repeatedly or vigorously.

Aggressive masturbation methods that involves too tight a grip on the penis can lead to decreased sensation. This can be resolved over time with a change of technique.


In rare cases, aging can cause loss of penile sensitivity. Just like aging skin becomes wrinkled, and dry, the skin on the penis can face the same fate if not looked after properly.

Since penile skin is delicate and sensitive, it requires adequate moisturization just as much as the face in order to avoid instances of dry skin, itching and irritation.

You want to keep your down under skin smooth, and super hydrated.

Prevention of Penile Insensitivity

Penile insensitivity can be prevented primarily through proper blood circulation to the penile area.

The Down Under Cream by Swiss Botany is one of the best ways to improve penile health.

Because this marvelous cream improves blood circulation, it helps to treat peeling penile skin, irritation, itching, and dry skin.

It also helps to moisturize the skin making it smooth and ultimately sensitive

In addition to applying this incredible natural penile health cream, it is important to exercise daily. This also improves blood circulation.

Eat foods that improve penile health such as spinach, tomatoes, hot sauce and cherries.

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