Prevent Skin Cell Damage

Prevent Skin Cell Damage

Dreaming of perfect skin is something that many people do, but all too often it can feel online like a dream and not a reality. Because of the condition of our skin, the toxins it is exposed to, and the way it reacts to elements, we may end up with skin cell damage that can ruin our look. However, learning about the ways how you can prevent skin cell damage can help you avoid bad skin and live your dream of having healthy skin!

How It Happens

Skin cell damage is much deeper than what people may think. There are several factors that go into how cells become damaged, with free radicals being the main reason. Lots of people have heard of free radicals but don’t entirely know what they mean. Free radicals, in very basic terms, form when they are missing an electron. While free radicals can benefit your health and are even required for some purposes like boosting the immune system, too many free radicals can be very damaging to your health. This includes skin cell damage, which results in poor skin health and appearance.

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Effects of Skin Cell Damage

Damage of your skin cells can result in many things. Firstly, your cells are no longer healthy and have been harmed by free radicals. This can show up as hyperpigmentation or dark skin. The appearance may look damaged or rough, and the texture can also be affected badly. In addition to this, skin cell damage can make people feel uncomfortable in their skin or shy to expose it. This can certainly affect your mental health or just make you feel unconfident. These are all things that should be avoided as they bring no good, and there are ways to combat skin cell damage.

How to Prevent It

It may sound difficult to try and prevent cells from losing an electron, but there are ways to help prevent this so that free radicals are maintained and balanced. An antioxidant is used to help contain free radicals. Basically, all antioxidants do is give an electron to the cells that are missing one. For example, if a cell is missing an electron, it is known as a free radical. However, when antioxidants kick in, they give the free radical an electron and end up making it a normal, healthy cell.

Antioxidants are found in medicines and creams for your skin. One of the best products that act as an antioxidant is our Enhanced Skin Brightening Vitamin C Gel. This gel’s main purpose is to repair dull skin by restoring its brightness using key ingredients like vitamin C. What makes this gel even better is that it is an antioxidant- meaning that every time you use it, you’ll be fighting free radicals and repairing damaged skin cells. It’s the perfect gel for anyone looking to maintain their skin health and keep their skin radiant and bright. We highly recommend giving it a try! To read more about skin brightening techniques and products, check out this article.

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