Rapid Aging Around the Eyes and How To Fix It

Rapid Aging Around the Eyes and How To Fix It

Aging is a headache that lots of us have to deal with as we grow older. While it can become maintainable, showing signs of aging too early can cause even more trouble. Dealing with skin that ages quickly can be frustrating and costly. The skin around our eyes, unfortunately, is skin that shows signs of aging quickly. To help you take better care of the skin around your eyes, we’ve gone over rapid aging around the eyes and how to fix it so that you won’t let wrinkles get the best of your appearance.

Causes of Rapid Aging

There are certain things that your eyes are exposed to that which the rest of your skin does not have to deal with. These factors make aging around the eyes quicker and leave your skin looking wrinkly and old. Some of the reasons that the skin around your eyes is rapidly aging is because:

  • The skin is delicate. Having delicate skin around your eyes means that it is thin and easily manipulated. The skin is susceptible to forming fine lines and wrinkles due to the fact that it is thinly structured and has little foundation.
  • The tissue is missing nutrients. The skin around our eyes is naturally lacking in nutrients, so if it isn’t being taken care of properly, then it’s more prone to developing wrinkles.
  • Dark circles might form. While this can be due to poor sleep or lack of sleep, it still shows up on our face and makes us look older than we actually are.

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How Do I Fix Rapid Aging?

There’s nothing you can really do to stop the aging process itself as its natural for everyone, but you can definitely take some precautions to avoid wrinkles around the eyes or keep them maintained. Firstly, look for ways to boost the nutrition around your eyes. This includes supplying it with essential vitamins that it may be lacking in. Vitamin C, specifically, is important for keeping collagen levels high in the skin, so using something like our  Vitamin C Eye Gel. Using this product regularly will ensure that your eyes are receiving the proper nutrients and keeping the skin structured and healthy.

Also, make sure that you’re wearing a good moisturizer since hydration of the skin leads to a fresh, bright - look, as opposed to dull or dark skin. In addition to taking care of the skin, you should be getting enough sleep. This may seem difficult to achieve, but it’s essential for your skin to regrow and develop properly. The less sleep you have, the deeper bags around your eyes and duller look you’ll acquire, which contributes to how old you seem. Taking care of your skin isn’t an easy task, but it’ll lead you to remove fine lines and wrinkles and having youthful and beautiful skin.

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