Risks Of Artificial fillers - No celebrity Endorsements, Artificial fillers are BAD - FDA Reports included

Risks Of Artificial fillers - No celebrity Endorsements, Artificial fillers are BAD - FDA Reports included

FDA RISKS: https://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/ucm049349.htm

I've spent the past few years doing research for Swiss Botany on Pueraria Mirifica, and its effects on the body.... specifically its effect on breast enhancement.

Now, that research lead me to the FDA, and all the warnings they've published.

Let me explain how that relates to Artificial fillers....

As I read more and more about the risks of silicone and saline injections, the FDA started showing me more information related to artificial fillers – and I'd like to read you something that was published a few years ago, and completely buried by the cosmetic surgery industry...

This is directly from the FDA's Website: (Linked above)

What are the risks of FDA-approved fillers?

Remember to work with a licensed health care provider to ask what you can expect for FDA-approved fillers. Then contact your health care provider if you are concerned about a particular side effect.

The most common side effects include:






Additional side effects less commonly reported include:


lumps and bumps

discoloration or change in pigmentation

Rare but serious risks include:

scarring, blurred vision, partial vision loss, and blindness if the dermal filler is inadvertently injected into a blood vessel. It is recommended that health care providers take care to avoid injection into blood vessels (especially around the forehead, nose and eye area) for these reasons.

allergic reaction that may lead to a severe reaction (anaphylactic shock) that requires emergency medical help.

Most side effects occur shortly after injection and go away within two weeks. In some cases, side effects may emerge weeks, months, or years later. Talk to your licensed health care provider if you have questions or concerns.

I would also add to make an informed decision, and get clarification from your doctor to make sure you know exactly what he is injecting into your body - The 'OFF BRAND' fillers are NOT FDA approved, and SHOULD NOT BE INJECTED.

We also suggest an allergy panel before you have substances injected into your body.

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