Safe Filler Alternatives from Swiss Botany

Safe Filler Alternatives from Swiss Botany

The many chemical and biological skin treatments were initially used to treat nervous twitches that occur in the muscles of the eyelid. many of these substances are highly poisonous and found in most food poisoning cases. But you can go all-natural and explore safe alternatives from Swiss Botany. Our latest range of skin care product is designed to help you get rid of all aging lines and wrinkles.


Safe Botox Alternatives from Swiss Botany

Many pharmaceuticals work by paralyzing the target muscles. This effect creates a smooth skin that is free from aging lines. When used in minute quantity, these chemicals can be very useful in relaxing the facial muscles thereby refreshing the face and removing wrinkles. Chemical-based skin treatments have been the craze in the cosmetic industry when it comes to practical control of aging lines, but its side effects have led to the discovery of better options.


Safe Botox Alternatives from Swiss Botany

Swiss Botany, one of the world-leading cosmetics companies, has continued to develop innovative alternatives to harsh chemical treatments. Their latest range of skin care products is aimed at rejuvenating the skin and eliminating all signs of old age.

Two Safe Alternatives from Swiss Botany

If you are looking for a better alternative to harsh pharmaceutical treatments, try out these two amazing products from Swiss Botany:

Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum

The Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum is formulated with the latest Bio-scientific formula to help fight aging lines in the face and neck. This product is a premium quality Anti-Aging Skin solution that can help rejuvenate your skin and bring back that young look.

The Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum

Just like those pharmaceutical treatments, the Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum offers quick action when it comes to the removal of fine lines and skin imperfections. The serum actively regenerates the skin cells; this process reduces the formation of wrinkles around the face. The serum has skin cell boosting properties; it enhances the cells on the face and increases their lifespan actively.

The Swiss Apple Stem Cell serum can also be used to reduce crow’s feet effectively. A clinical test on 20 women who applied a serum with 2% Swiss Apple Stem cell twice daily has shown that the serum helped reduce the crow’s feet by 8% after two weeks and by 15% after four weeks.

The Dragon’s Blood Gel


Dragon’s Blood from Swiss Botany

Dragon’s Blood from Swiss Botany is another natural alternative. With the help of this skincare product, you can instantly reduce aging lines and plump the skin of your face.

The Dragon’s Blood Gel is formulated with all-natural ingredients including Croton Lechleri resin extract from Northern Australia. The product is specifically designed to produce quick action against fine aging lines.  However, the product has other benefits; it can be used to reduce crow’s feet and can naturally enhance the appearance of the lips.

You can take advantage of the fantastic features of these two products to reverse all your skin aging problems and avoid using the artificial chemicals which have side effects when used over the long term.

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