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Sarah's 3 Step System For Getting Rid Of Her Facial "Bruises"

August 09, 2019 2 min read

Sarah's 3 Step System For Getting Rid Of Her Facial "Bruises"

Are you getting really frustrated with the uneven tone on your face?

Sarah was too.

After 2 children, spending lots of time at swimming pools, and less-than-ideal nutrition, her skin was really starting to lose its youthfulness.

Specifically, she had these dark "spots" next to her ear...

And not little dark spots either...

It looked like she had a fist-sized bruise on her cheek.

She was really frustrated because when she put makeup on...

It was even worse!

People would ask her...

"Are you okay?"

"What happened?"

And she'd have to launch into the long story about having kids, and that her skin didn't use to be this way, and that she wasn't sure how to fix it, and that it seemed to be getting worse, and how embarrassing it was...

(Maybe you can relate?)

A friend told her about the all-new, all-natural ORGANIC Ultimate Whitening Mud Mask by Swiss Botany...

She decided to try it out and was blown away at how fast her "bruises" started to fade...

After only 2 weeks!

Keep reading to find out the steps she went through to get such great results! 

1) Starting Out

When her first container arrived, she tested a small amount on a small area of her face to see if she would have a reaction...

(She'd had reactions to other products in the past because her skin was so sensitive)

So she started off with just a little bit for only 5 minutes for just a couple of days...

Ultimate Whitening Mud Mask

2) Speeding Up

Since she DIDN'T have a reaction, she started applying a more... 

But quickly realized that her skin could only handle the Ultimate Whitening Mud Mask for at most 10 minutes PER DAY...

Any more than that and her face got really sensitive.

Natural products work with your body, so it's sometimes hard to know if they're working...

But after about a week, she was sure she could see a difference.

Ultimate Whitening Mud Mask

3) Maintenance

So, she started applying The NEW Ultimate Whitening Mud Mask and then washing it off with her ordinary facial cleanser.

Again, no more than 10 minutes on her skin PER DAY.

Even using it so little, she noticed that the mud mask was strong enough to dry out her skin.

But using a simple moisturizer with SPF 20 fixed that.

And after two full weeks, the difference was so dramatic that it showed up even on her low-budget camera!

Ultimate Whitening Mud Mask


Using the NEW Ultimate Whitening Mud Mask only once per day (not morning and night)... 

And applying a moisturizer with SFP 20+ after each use... 

Are what helped Sarah finally getting rid of her cheek "bruises."

If you have hypersensitive skin like Sarah...

And have sun spots, dark spots, facial "bruises," hyperpigmentation, or melasma anywhere on your body... 

And you feel like you've tried everything else and nothing else has worked...

Follow Sarah's process and you could get the results you're looking for!

So, here's what you need to do...

Step 1 – Click On The Image Below To Order the New Ultimate Whitening Mud Mask...

Ultimate Whitening Mud Mask 

Step 2 – Follow the same steps that Sarah did and tell us about your results in the comments!

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