Skincare For Winter

Skincare For Winter

Oh good old winter! Not all of us like it, but some of us down right loathe it. Your skin, for one, may not exactly be in love with the wintry weather. It could be screaming inside, to be exact. How can we help our skin in the winter time? Is there even a way to save it or do we just need to stay inside? Most of us would choose to stay inside for 4 to 6 months and hibernate, but we can't exactly do that. So here are some ideas of skincare for winter to help your skin look and feel its best. 

 Eyes Getting Puffy? 

Oh how winter time can truly make us look our worst! It's all right though, there are ways to get around this! With all of the tasty and fattening food, and drinks that we consume in the winter time, our bodies may not be able to handle it all. Water retention is real and it exists heavily in the winter! Look in the mirror! Do you see puffy and swollen eyes? Then stop eating all of these yummy treats! Or you could help yourself by using some of our favorite tips. Do you dispose of your coffee grounds each day after you use them? Turn them into a puffy eye serum. Mix some grounds with coconut oil and apply to the area underneath your eyes. Leave on for about 5 minutes then wash off slowly with warm water. You can also use cucumbers on your eyes to help with the puffiness. Let Santa stay puffy, not your face!

Dry Skin Blues

 The ice and snow don't do anything good for your skin, you know that right? But if you are lucky enough to get some snow, you should enjoy it, but you should look out for your skin! To keep your skin hydrated during winter, it is important to find a body butter that is rich enough to use daily. You can also invest in a humidifier if you have noticed that your skin is turning into lizard skin! A good humidifier doesn't cost much and your body will thank you. 

Fight off dry skin in the winter time with these tips. If you need a good moisturizer, look no further than our website. We offer many products that will help you hydrate during this rough time for your skin. 


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