The Dangers of Hydroquinone

The Dangers of Hydroquinone

Lots of skin whitening and lightening products will contain an ingredient called hydroquinone. Hydroquinone can be great for lightening your skin effectively, but there are dangers associated with it. From developing multicolored skin conditions to even potentially causing cancer, the dangers of hydroquinone are many and should be avoided.

Sensitive Skin

Trying to get away from sensitive skin? We see where you’re coming from, but hydroquinone is the last thing that will help you remove your skin sensitivity. More specifically, hydroquinone affects your sensitivity to the sun, so after applying it to the skin, you may experience irritation or slight burns if you’re exposed to the sun. This requires you to avoid sun exposure, wear thicker clothing for protection, and be extra careful if you need to be out.

Also, note that hydroquinone that is applied to skin that has already gone through damage can make it even worse and cause more burning or irritation. That means that you cannot apply products with hydroquinone to skin that is damaged without making it worse. It’s important to stay away from ingredients that can affect your skin sensitivity.

Developing Ochronosis

Ochronosis is a disease that can be caused due to using hydroquinone. What it does is that it leaves the skin looking blue and black and removes the lightening effect. It can also cause small yellow bumps to form or even thicken your skin. Using lots of hydroquinone at one time and for a long period can cause Ochronosis to occur.

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Threat of Cancer

Hydroquinone, when used very excessively and misused, can potentially cause cancer. A report was given by the FDA that in rats this can occur, but so far nothing is known from applying hydroquinone to human skin and bodies. Still, it’s better to be on the safe side and keep your skin protected and risk-free.

What Do I Use Instead?

Luckily, you can still whiten your skin even if your products don’t have hydroquinone in them. Some of the most effective treatments are actually natural and don’t harm the skin like traditional products. One of them is our Natural & Powerful Skin Whitening Cream. This cream is known to be very effective in whitening the skin without having to use dangerous ingredients due to its natural properties. It can be used anywhere on the skin which requires lightening and can be the solution to your whitening needs! Try this product today and don’t worry about falling into the trap of using harmful ingredients like hydroquinone.

If you realize that you have sensitive skin and need a smoother application, consider trying our Whitening Cream For Sensitive And Intimate Areas. This product will protect any sensitive skin on your body so that you can achieve a lightening effect anywhere you need to! It is also natural and soothing to the skin, and does not harm or irritate the skin like other skin whiteners. This is the perfect cream for anyone with sensitive skin. There are other products and techniques to whiten your skin as well, which can be found here.

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