The Dangers of Taking Pueraria Mirifica

The Dangers of Taking Pueraria Mirifica

There are instances that all of the good things come to an end because of misusing and mishandling of information about a certain product that you got from the market. Pueraria Mirifica is indeed a game player when it comes to breast enhancement and anti-aging therapy. Nut mishandling this wondrous herb may result in unwanted effects. Know The Dangers of Taking Pueraria Mirifica!


It is said that in taking Pueraria Mirifica, you have to gradually increase your dosage as the time passes. It is because Pueraria Mirifica can build a stable effect on your body without overdoing it. Here are some of the dangers you are putting yourself into because of Pueraria Mirifica misconception.

    • Because this type of herb boosts the production of estrogen in your body, high intake of such can lead to nausea, bowel problems or bowel irritability. Always maintain the right dosage to prevent those gases from extensively forming in your stomach.
    • It is normal to feel a little tenderness of breast when you are in a natural breast enhancement medication. But with an overdose of Pueraria Mirifica, it can lead to prolonging tenderness and will be accompanied by series of jolts of pain. Always make sure you are taking the right dosage.
    • In contrast, Pueraria Mirifica aids in attaining increased libido, but when you heighten your dosage of Pueraria Mirifica, your body may feel like it is suffering from fatigue. Hence, results in the inability to entertain your partner due to exhaustion.
    • While Pueraria Mirifica promotes weight loss, excessive intake of Pueraria Mirifica can boost your appetite for better absorption of estrogen. This will lead to excessive eating. Thus, paving way for more weight.

In taking medications, it is important that you study all of its components and make sure that you are taking a natural breast enhancement capsules to fully grasp the benefit of Pueraria Mirifica.

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Misty D Travieso

Hi Carol,
I’m Misty. I’m one of the breast coaches for our customers here at Swiss Botany. I am here to answer your question. First off, I am so happy that the PM has helped your symptoms of perimenopause. That is always a good thing to hear! As far as the firmness of your breasts, I would suggest using the PM serum that you can find on our Breast Buddies site, and you can also upgrade to our breast enhancing cream. You can always reach out to me if you have more questions. I would love to help you!

Misty D Travieso

Hi. I’m 52 and currently going through perimenopause. I’m taking 1000mg of PM twice a day and it has successfully stopped my hot flashes where my skin would go red and hot. If I lower the dose or delay one by a few hours the hot flashes come back. It hasn’t done anything for my breasts though they might have been even saggier without taking it. My question is, would I need to take more to increase the size or firmness of my breasts now or is it just too late because my hormones have naturally declined so much? Thank you


I’ve been taking pueraria mirifica for about 5 months…my breast are growing nicely, but I need something to feminize my face and body…any suggestions?


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