The EXACT Steps Stephanie Followed To Do What The Dermatologist Couldn't

The EXACT Steps Stephanie Followed To Do What The Dermatologist Couldn't

Stephanie was always embarrassed by her skin tone. The slight darkening of the skin around her neck made her use scarfs as often as possible.

She didn't quite understand why her skin was acting so different from others. But when she turned 40, her dark spots became more and more visible.

Her elbows even started getting darker, which meant she had to wear scarfs and long-sleeves all the time.

So, she went to a dermatologist and tried a chemical-based whitening product...

(because that's what he recommended).

The results were terrible, and Stephanie found herself with her dark patches even more visible and embarrassing than before.

After using the cream for a couple of weeks, Stephanie even had a faint purplish coloring and a dull shadow on her skin everywhere she'd applied the cream.

THAT'S when her dermatologist told her that it was the most common side effect of hydroquinone in the cream.

Of course, that didn't make her very happy, so she started looking for other options.

Research on the internet revealed that there are some natural remedies for skin whitening. 

Stephanie found out that castor oil can reduce hyperpigmentation or dark spots without hydroquinone...

(or it's side effects).

But she couldn't find a good product from a company that seemed trustworthy.

The Solution

Then, a close friend told her about Swiss Botany and their whitening mud cream.

She took the leap, bought some cream, and started applying it to her skin.

At first, she only used Swiss Botany's cream in the evening. 

But she did carefully clean her skin and massage the product in until it absorbed. 

Within days, she started to see improvement. The skin around her neck wasn't as dark as before. 

So Stephanie started using the natural whitening cream both in the evening and in the morning.

When Stephanie saw the skin tone on her neck get better and better, she had an idea.

What if she used the natural whitening product, on her elbows, too?

Again, she started using the cream just in the evening. She massaged the product directly into her elbows until it completely absorbed.

Stephanie was so excited to watch her skin lighten over the next two weeks. The skin tone on her neck was more even, and the dark patches on her elbows looked almost normal. 

She was so excited that she decided to use the cream twice per day on her elbows too.

The results

Using Swiss Botany's all-natural whitening cream saved Stephanie a lot of embarrassment. Now, she walks out of her house without worrying about a scarf, and she finally got to wear the sleeveless dress she'd been eyeing. She continues to use the whitening product as part of her skincare routine to keep the dark spots from coming back.

Stephanie recommends Swiss Botany's whitening products to all her friends who deal with dark patches on their necks, underarms, legs, or elbows.

So, if you want to get rid of your dark patches...

Here is what you need to do...

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Step 2 – Post your story in the comments!

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