Pueraria Mirifica and Impotence

Pueraria Mirifica and Impotence

There are a lot of promised benefits that Pueraria Mirifica has introduced to the natural beauty industry. There are also risks that may be involved in an excessive dosage of Pueraria Mirifica. Know more about Pueraria Mirifica and Impotence.

Pueraria Mirifica is a plant that originates from Thailand. It has various medicinal properties, and t has been commonly marketed as a safe and natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy. This is so because Pueraria Mirifica contains plant hormones known as phytoestrogens. In truth, traditional hormone replacement therapy has just as many potential risks and side effects as there are benefits. However, regardless of that, there really is no reason for herbal remedies to take the place of traditional health care.

The act of replacing female hormones with synthetic versions is called hormone replacement. Basically, every female ovary produces two primary hormones; progesterone and estrogen. These hormones are very important during a woman’s sexually active and reproductive years, but they also decrease as a woman gets older and approaches menopause. Hormone replacement is usually used as a means of relieving the menopausal symptoms that usually come with the decrease in the number of hormones.

Pueraria Mirifica and Plant Estrogens

Pueraria Mirifica is rich in miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol, both of which are phytoestrogens. These estrogens are part of a group of compounds known as isoflavones and they are known to exert weak hormone-like activity. Also, in extreme cases, it is possible for the phytoestrogens to have negative effects on bodily activities and affect the level of fertility and ability of a woman to bear children. Progesterone and estrogen are very important in the conception and birthing processes, and a change in their natural level – if not handled correctly- can actually cause impotence. 

So to sum up, the risks associated with using Pueraria Mirifica as a hormone replacement method include:

  • Upset stomach
  • Loss of appetite and vomiting
  • Possible infertility and impotence

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