The Sun Can Worsen Your Wrinkles

The Sun Can Worsen Your Wrinkles

The summer season has arrived for many people in the world, and that means lots of exposure to sunlight. While the sun can provide you with beneficial vitamin D and help you in other ways as well, there can be harms on your skin that result from sun exposure. Did you know that the sun can worsen your wrinkles? This is usually a surprise for most people and can be disappointing- but there are ways to combat it and help your skin stay youthful.

Wrinkles and The Sun

When people think of wrinkles, they often think of aging, but rarely do they realize that the sun is a huge cause for the formation of wrinkles. In fact, the sun is the most common reason that wrinkles develop. The reason is because the sun’s ultraviolet rays can be too much for our skin to tolerate. Overexposure to the sun causes the rays to alter and even harm some important fibers in the skin which are responsible for skin health and structure. However, this isn’t necessarily the point at which wrinkles start to develop. Instead, while the skin tries to repair itself, wrinkles begin to appear. This is because the repairing process is attempted over and over again by the body, causing the skin to disorganize its fibers, which causes our skin to become saggy and eventually show lines. This is why it’s extremely important to protect yourself from the sun to prevent wrinkles.

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Note that the sun can also cause a condition known as hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is when the skin produces an increased amount of colored pigments called melanin. While melanin is normal for us to have and gives our skin color, too much of it results in a darker complexion. Hyperpigmentation causes the skin to form dark blotches or patches and discolors the skin from the rest of the body.

How Do I Prevent This?

There are several things you can do to protect yourself from the harmful rays from the sun and reduce your wrinkling. Firstly, consider wearing clothing that covers your body from too much sun exposure. If your body is less exposed, then you’ll be safer and less likely to develop wrinkles. Second, try to avoid the sun when it’s the strongest. This is during the middle of the day- around noon. It can cause you more damage if you’re exposed to the sun when it’s at its highest point. Lastly, use sunscreen for parts of your body that are going to be exposed to the sun. One of the best sunscreens out there that can help prevent wrinkles is our Anti-Aging Day Protect SPF 22. This product is essential to keeping your skin safe and wrinkle-free during sunny days. It is also very soothing to the skin as it provides a clean application, without any greasiness! This is the perfect sunscreen for gong out in the sun. Try these techniques today to help protect your skin from wrinkles and other types of sun damage.


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