The Wonders of Witch Hazel

The Wonders of Witch Hazel

Witch hazel comes to us from the witch hazel shrub and has been used for thousands of years in the world of medicine. It is an incredibly potent herb and the stems, leaves, and bark can all be used to help different parts of our bodies. When it is used in skin products, witch hazel has shown quite a few wondrous benefits over time. Here is a look at the wonders of witch hazel.



Brighten Up The Eyes



Witch hazel is known for helping to tighten the skin and when it is used underneath the eyes, it can help to reduce any puffiness that you have started to see. It can also help to whiten the area underneath the eyes and help those dark circles to fade away.

Witch hazel is an astringent and can help to clean out your pores to help clear up any acne that you may have on your face. It also helps to get rid of the bacteria on your face thus preventing new acne from forming.



Cooling Sunburns



When you get terrible sunburns, relief is the only thing you are probably thinking about. One of the many wonders of witch hazel is being an anti-inflammatory. This means that, when added to aloe vera gel, witch hazel can help wit the swelling, dryness, and peeling that is caused by sunburns.



Helps Diminish Bruises



 If you find yourself bruising very easily, you have probably tried everything in the book to help to get rid of your bruises. Another wonder of witch hazel is that it can help with bruises too! Witch hazel helps to heal the damage underneath the skin that ultimately caused the bruise in the first place. 



 Fight Off Signs of Aging



Witch hazel helps your skin to build stranger elasticity, which can help you to fight off those early signs of aging. It also has many antioxidant properties, which help to fight off the free radicals that are to blame for fine lines and wrinkles. These antioxidants have also been shown to help protect the skin against different types of skin cancers like melanoma. 



 Building Naturally Healthy Skin



One of witch hazel's many wonders is how well it can help to heal your skin for good. Using witch hazel on a daily basis can help your skin to not only have a youthful glow to it, but also to keep it looking healthy for as long as you use it. With only positive effects on your skin, witch hazel could be the most magical ingredient in skin creams and cleansers. It can help you to find relief from bug bites, rashes, and skin irritations. This will help to keep your skin clear and happy. 

The Micropolish Cleansing Exfoliator is a product from Swiss Botany that contains witch hazel. This cleanser will help you to get rid of any dead skin cells on your face that may be causing acne or skin blemishes. It helps to get the blood flowing on your skin too which makes more and more new skin cells. This will help your skin to look youthful and healthy. 



Witch hazel is a wonderful herb that can be found in many beauty products on the market today. Many of the cleansers that use it as a main ingredient can help your skin to look the best that it has ever looked! By using witch hazel, you will soon discover just what it can do to help your tired skin look happy, healthy, alive, and awake! Need some more tips on witch hazel? Look no further than our blog! 

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