These Winter Skin Care Tips Keep You Dewy All Season

These Winter Skin Care Tips Keep You Dewy All Season

Does your skin dry out in winter?

You need this guide. We're sharing the winter skin care tips that will keep you feeling soft and dewy 'till spring.

There’s a reason we have the phrase “winter wonderland”. Winter is a gorgeous time of year full of fun activities.

Skiing, skating, looking at beautiful light displays, and dressing in lots of comfy layers are just a few of the things that are great this time of year.

One bad thing about winter? Dry skin!

From blistering winds to strong sunlight, and from temperatures in the single digits to blasting hot furnace air, our skin takes a beating during the winter.

That dry, tight feeling is no fun - but there are ways to banish it for good.

If you’re looking to fight that winter skin feeling, keep reading. You’ve got to take your skin care to the next level during the colder months.

We’ve got the winter skin care tips to take you from cracked to comfortable and give your skin a dewy glow year-round.

Don’t Get In Hot Water

Is there anything more revitalizing than a long soak in a hot tub after a day out in the cold weather?

While that’s OK every once in awhile, you need to keep the heat to a minimum.

Here’s how that happens: your skin is made up different layers. The topmost one is called the epidermis.

The skin cells there mix with natural oils to trap moisture in your body.

When you get in hot water, those oils melt, which compromises the outer layer of moisture.

Once you start to scrub with soap, you strip away this protective barrier, leading to dry, itchy skin.

The solution? Try a lukewarm bath with a bit of oatmeal in it to keep your skin supple and soft.

Skip The Hard Stuff

Who doesn’t feel completely renewed after a chemical peel or a good old fashioned exfoliation session?

It’s like your whole face has been resurfaced with fresh skin.

While it’s an undeniably refreshing feeling, your skin might not appreciate it in the winter time.

Remember the natural oils your body produces to keep you moisturized?

It’s constantly fighting to keep it together in the low temps and brutal winds.

Don’t make your skin care routine one more battle your skin has to fight.

Use a gentle exfoliant if you must, or try a product with lactic acid.

A bit of yogurt makes a gentle resurfacing mask that treats your skin right.

Honey is another natural cleanser that works with your skin, not against it.

You don’t have to give up exfoliating, just be smarter about which ones you use - one of the best winter skin care tips.

Lay Off The Alcohol

No, we’re not talking about becoming a teetotaler. We’re talking about things like toners and antibacterial gels.

Flu season is in full swing during the winter months.

Just the sound of a sniffle can have you reach for the antibacterial gel, but don’t do it.

The alcohol in antibacterial gels is super drying and will irritate dry skin.

Excessive hand washing is problematic too. Your best bet is to keep contact with multiple surfaces to a minimum and moisturize after washing.

While toners are refreshing during summer months, they’re not a necessary part of your winter skin care routine.

When it’s hot out, you’re prone to sweat more, which is why it’s best to keep toners in your summer skin care rotation.

A crucial winter skin care tip: your skin needs all the moisture it can get so don’t touch the toner till it warms up outside.

Erect Barriers

You’d be surprised how much moisture your skin can lose by just wearing the wrong thing.

Your pajamas play a bigger role in winter skin care than you imagine.

Think about it: you spend a third of your life sleeping. You need to consider how to protect your skin during the six to eight hours a night that you’re dreaming.

Make sure your pajamas and bed sheets are working with your skin, not against it. It's probably a winter skin care tip you didn't even think of before!

Stick with cotton and flannel and stay away from synthetic material or fabric blends.

This helps erect barriers on the outside of your skin to keep moisture in.

While you’re at it, consider buying cotton gloves and socks to use with your favorite lotion.

Once you put the lotion on your hands and feet, slip on the cotton socks and gloves to keep the moisture where you need it.

You’ll wake up with super soft skin instead of cracked and peeling hands and feet.

Humidifiers: A Big Winter Skin Care Tip

Your house may be nice and toasty but your skin is going to suffer for it if you don’t take action.

Of course you’re going to keep the heat on, but blasting central heating strips the air of moisture.

That, in turn, dries your skin up too.

Humidifiers are going to be your skin’s best friend.

Place a few of them around your home to keep the air humid and help your skin stay supple.

Bonus: with some humidifiers, you can add a few drops of essential oils to give the air a pleasant scent.

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen!

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean the sun isn’t shining.

You might think sunscreen is a summer-only skin care tip but it’s actually an essential winter skin care tip too.

Skin exposed to the sun’s rays will obviously burn and blister.

Add that to chapped, dry skin that’s been exposed to cold temps and blustery winds and you’ve got a recipe for pain and skin damage.

Don’t skimp on sunscreen. Apply a layer every day along with your regular moisturizer to keep your skin safe and healthy.

Pamper Yourself With The Best Products

With all of the choices out there on drugstore shelves, in department stores and online, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

The best winter skin care tip is to stick with a routine is one that incorporates natural elements with ingredients that are closest to their original forms.

Swiss Botany has got your back. Their unique skin care formulas are excellent for the cold winter months and work for anti-aging skin care too.

When the temperature drops, it’s time to pick up your natural skin care products. Reach for the best and stay moisturized all winter long!

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