This Wasn't What Linda Thought It Was

This Wasn't What Linda Thought It Was

Linda was always extremely careful about her skincare routine. She always read product labels, searched for chemical-free products, and aimed to use all the best ingredients for her skin.

And she was quite happy with her routine until she turned 35. 

At first, she observed a tiny little black spot on her cheek. She assumed she didn't clean her face carefully, and she had a blocked pore. Linda didn't fuss about it. She simply adjusted her skincare routine to prevent too much sebum from clogging her pores.

But as weeks went by, Linda got frustrated about that black spot. It seemed to grow larger and offer an uneven skin tone. 

The problem

Linda went to her dermatologist and expressed her concern. He did some skin tests and reassured her that it is a common outcome for women that get too much sun exposure. Also, he even suggested it might be a so-called age spot.

Linda was confused. She hadn't even reached her 40s, and she'd already started to experience aging problems?

She wasn't convinced by her doctor's opinion that she needed to leave that dark patch as it was. Instead, she researched products meant to treat uneven skin tones, age spots, or sunspots.

Shortly after, she found out there are some natural cosmetic products meant to lighten, brighten, and lessen hyperpigmentation.

Linda concluded she needed a product with a high content of pure Vitamin C. That's how she'd be able to help her skin recover from damage and shield it from additional problems.

The Decision

But the problem was that Linda wasn't sure what skin brightening product to trust.

Her sister suggested Swiss Botany as the go-to distributor. Linda had her doubts, but at the same time, she hoped it would work. So, she decided to give it a try. 

She bought a skin-brightening Vitamin C gel from Swiss Botany. 

Linda continued her skincare routine but adjusted the evening process.

After cleansing her skin and drying it with a soft cotton cloth, she applied the Vitamin C gel. She let it work its magic for around 10 minutes. Afterward, she used a moisturizer to nourish her skin.

Also, she changed her morning moisturizer with one that offered UVA and UVB protection. Linda wanted to protect her skin by all means. So, she believed the Vitamin C serum needed help from a sunscreen, too.


Linda used Vitamin C gel daily. And she noticed some changes after no more than seven days. Not only her skin was brighter, but the darkening of her skin was almost gone. She had an even tone, more radiant skin, and she felt rejuvenated. 

It turns out, the only problem Linda had was the lack of antioxidant protection. As soon as her skin received a well-deserved amount of Vitamin C, the skin was protected from free radical damage. That, in turn, solved her skin darkening problem. 


Today, Linda recommends Swiss Botany's Vitamin C gel to all her friends that struggle with skin damage caused by sun exposure. It is a natural and safe way to keep your skin healthy and bright. Linda believes there is no more straightforward way to even your skin tone than using a Vitamin C gel!

So, if you want to get the same results as Linda, and address uneven skin tones...

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