Top 5 Perfect Skincare Routine Steps in 2021

Top 5 Perfect Skincare Routine Steps in 2021

So you would like to start out a skincare routine, but you've got some questions: 

What amount of products does one need to use? Which ones are right for my skin? In what order do you have to be applying these products? And what do those products even do? 

To get the most benefit out of a regular skincare regimen, you need to follow three simple steps: cleanse, treat, and moisturize. 

You're probably already conversant in cleansing and moisturizing, but what does "treating" your skin involve? 

It simply means using serums or creams packed filled with skincare superheroes like vitamin C , retinol, alpha acid , and more. Adding a middle step in between the cleansing and moisturizing components is essentially important. 

It can make an enormous difference over time and when it comes to the health of your skin, the appearance of your skin and thereafter, the aging of your skin. 

Below, we offer a basic step-by-step daytime skincare routine to use as a blueprint for your own regimen, with product recommendations that we’ve tested in our labs. Of course, everyone's skin is different, so adjust what works for your age and skin type.


Top 5 Daytime Skincare Routine Steps

1. Cleanse

Cleansing is the bread and butter of any good skincare routine. The type of cleanser you employ matters quite a lot than you might realize — gentle face washes are essential, particularly if you decide on using more active ingredients down the line.

Using a natural skincare cleanser is our best shoutout and the most healthy go-to solution to achieve maximum moisturization and hydration.

Too many folks cleanse an excessive amount that's too harsh, and it will actually break down your skin barrier.

Our best recommendation is The Manuka Honey Cleanser, a perfect natural facial cleanser with coconut, almond and rosemary.

2. Liquid Collagen

The Snow Algae Skin Care Wrinkle Serum contains the highest quality organic collagen peptide complex serum for the face from reputable ethically harvested sources that has caused some to describe it as 'anti aging serum' or 'liquid collagen'

Using a natural liquid collagen is another great skincare regimen to incorporate into your routine. Again, the best option is use a natural skin toner. Natural skin toners are excellent in balancing your skin's pH.

If you've got acne­ prone skin, search for a toner specifically formulated for acne with ingredients like 2­hydroxybenzoic acid to calm breakouts.

If you've got dry or sensitive skin, choose a hydrating liquid collagen to appease dry skin.

3. Vitamin C Serum

Swiss Botany Vitamin C Eye Gel Serum contains Hyaluronic Acid, perfect for Dark circles provides care and protection to the eye area. This may include reducing dark circles, eye bags, fine lines, and crow's feet giving you the fresh and vibrant feeling your searching for.

When it involves serums, we recommend employing a vitamin C serum during the day.

Everybody should use vitamin C, regardless of what your age, even starting in your 20s.

It helps reverse tons of the damage that we get from the sun and pollution. When employing a vitamin C serum, search for one that contains a stable sort of vitamin C , so that the molecules will actually soak into your skin. Since darker skin tones and hyperpigmentation are often a standard issue, employing a vitamin C serum in the day time can help mitigate dark spots.

4. LED Photon Wand

Photon wands fall into the "treat" category. The suggested operating time is between 10 and 15 minutes. More than likely, you will want to start with one 10-minute session, 4 times a week to start, otherwise recommended by a Swiss Botany specialist.

5. Moisturizer

Retinol for Dark Circles Moisturizer is a professionally derived retinoid solution that is perfect for reducing fine lines and wrinkles well known in protecting against skin itching, redness, flaking, combo skin and retinol acne treatment.

Lastly, after you've treated your skin, it is time to moisturize. A moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated and helps strengthen your skin barrier.

For daytime use, choose a lighter moisturizer which can soak in quickly and won't cause pilling under makeup. If your skin is drier, try a thicker formula. Look for ceramides or mucopolysaccharide, since these ingredients are the building blocks of moisture retention within the skin.

To learn more about natural skincare tips and tricks, visit the Swiss Botany Blog

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