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Toxic Skin Care Ingredients You Should Avoid

Posted by Christopher Panduro on

Toxic Skin Care Ingredients You Should Avoid

Are you paying attention to what you're putting on your skin? Here are the most toxic skin care ingredients you should watch out for.

Taking care of your skin is one of the ways to help you feel good and stay healthy!

But to maximize these benefits to your health, you also have to know which skin care ingredients are harmful.

Read on to learn more about what common skin care ingredients to avoid!


Formaldehyde is a chemical in skin care products, hair straightening treatments, and nail polishes.

According to Contact Dematitis, 20% of the products in the FDA's Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program contained "formaldehyde or formaldehyde-releasing preservatives." 

Formaldehyde can cause skin irritations like scalp burns and hair loss. They may also cause the onset of different forms of cancer. 


Oxybenzone is a common chemical found in commercial sunscreens that have SPF. It is also in products like lip balm.

While often found in those products, oxybenzone absorbs into your skin and can cause hormonal changes in your body.

Coal Tar

Coal tar is one of the skin care ingredients in products like skin creams and soap. It's also in dandruff shampoos to prevent the itching and flaking caused by the condition.

Coal tar and coal-tar patch are "associated with an increased risk of skin cancer" and other forms of cancer. 

However, there are conflicting reports about the dangers of coal tar when used for dermatological purposes. 


Hydroquinone is one of the skin care ingredients commonly used to reduce your skin's pigmentation and make it lighter.

FDA tests in rodents have shown that high doses of hydroquinone potentially cause cancer. But this hasn't been shown in humans with topical or oral hydroquinone.

But, humans should be concerned about the dangers of the product under normal use. Since your skin has reduced pigmentation, this makes it more susceptible to sunburns. These sunburns can increase your risk of skin cancer.

Avoid Toxic Skin Care Ingredients

toxic skin care

Natural skin care products are a great way to help keep you healthy and feeling vibrant!

But using high-quality products with safe ingredients are crucial to doing it. You should avoid products that have ingredients like formaldehyde and coal tar because of safety concerns.

You should also not use products that have oxybenzone or hydroquinone because of their potential dangers.

By not using these ingredients in your skin care products, you can be more confident in your skin care regimen. 

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Are there skin care ingredients that are harmful to your skin but haven't made this list? (After all, this is not an exhaustive list of dangerous ingredients!)

What are the some of the ingredients you avoid and why?

Comment below to share your experience and start a conversation to help people like you stay safe and healthy!

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