Vitamin C for Skin | Origins & Benefits

Vitamin C for Skin | Origins & Benefits

Vitamin C for the skin is a popular ingredient in most anti-aging products. 

It is found in various creams, serums, and gels that are specialized in offering treatment especially for aging around the eyes.

If you’re wondering, ‘why Vitamin C?’

Read on to learn where Vitamin C can be found, its benefits, especially in anti aging products.

So let’s dive straight into it…

Vitamin C | Origins?

Vitamin C is of fruit origin.

Well known for having positive effects on the skin, Vitamin C is also a well-known potent antioxidant.

It is a fruit delicacy found in Guavas, Rose Hips, Cherries, Strawberries, Oranges, Papayas, etc…

Consuming such fruits at least three to five times a week can have a very impressive impact on your skin.

Which brings us to the impressive benefits of Vitamin C for the skin.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C has a plethora of impressive benefits to the general health of the body.

But when it comes to the skin, it has some great pros.

They include:

  • Increase of collagen production
  • Helping to diminish fine lines
  • Removing dark circles around the eyes
  • Firming and recreating long-lost youthful skin

In its purest natural form, Vitamin C helps the skin to:

  • Inhibit melanin production
  • Lessen hyperpigmentation
  • Lighten brown/dark spots
  • Protect skin cells against UV exposure
  • Even skin tone
  • Enhances skin radiance and so much more...

 Vitamin C Eye Gel From Swiss Botany

With so many benefits of Vitamin C, you can only choose a handful when looking for a suitable product to soothe your skin.

Unlike most products, Swiss Botany’s Eye Gel is made with Vitamin C as a core ingredient extracted from nature itself to treat, revive and enhance the skin so that it can age gracefully.

One of the major reasons why the skin ages prematurely is inadequate moisturization.

That is why Hyaluronic Acid was added to this impressive Eye Gel to help hydrate, and reinstate youthful-looking skin even if you’re cruising in your platinum years.

Let us say no more. Click here and try Swiss Botany’s Vitamin C Eye Gel and discover why everyone is raving about this impressive anti-aging regimen

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