Want to look and feel younger?

Want to look and feel younger?

Are you searching for the most straightforward steps you need to follow to look and feel younger? Well, we are here to help you, which is why we've created this article, especially for you. If you are a lady who wants to look younger without clogged pores, then you need to read this immediately. You will discover how to use your new Oil-free Moisturizer correctly and get a soft, smooth, and youthful skin. 

Step #1: Read the instructions

The first step you need to follow with any skincare product you add to your routine is reading the instructions. It is essential to do so because you will discover useful information about how to use the product to deal with skin problems such as clogged pores, fine lines, or dullness.

Our advice to aid you with this step is to order your Oil-free Moisturizer from Swiss Botany and check its label. You will see that this non-comedogenic product is recommended even for the most sensitive skin-type. And all you have to do to access its benefits is to apply it onto clean skin. Gently massage it until it gets absorbed and enjoy your newly hydrated skin!

Step #2: Set up your routine, follow it, and adjust as necessary

This is an essential step for getting fast and long-lasting results. A skincare routine will help your skin in absorbing and using the nutrients found in the Oil-free Moisturizer. And will activate the ceramides present in the product's formula, which will help your skin cells to retain moisture without being heavy or clogging your pores.

Our tip is to create a ritual that you will follow both in the morning and in the evening. Clean your face with a cleanser designed for your unique skin and follow with a toner. At this stage, you can use a serum and follow it with the Oil-free Moisturizer. Of course, you can skin the serum and use only Swiss Botany's product. No matter what you opt for, the secret to this product's success is to apply it only on clean skin. 

Step #3: Take before and after pictures

Well, most ladies want immediate results, and as such, they tend to become impatient. This makes them feel like the product isn't working for their situation. But before you fall for this trap, you should know that using the Oil-free Moisturizer daily is the first step towards a youthful skin. 

And our advice is to take some before and after pictures to track your results. The Oil-free Moisturizer is rich in ceramides, meant to aid your skin cells recover from damage and retain moisture. This means the results will depend on how fast your cells use the formula to better your skin. So, having before pictures will allow you to track your results and compare them with the two weeks, four weeks, or six weeks' results. 


Now that you know all about the Oil-free Moisturizer beginner's guide every lady needs to know to achieve smooth and fresh-looking skin... 

Here's what you need to do to pamper your skin starting today:

Step 1 – Click here to order your first (or next) Oil-Free Moisturizer from Swiss Botany


Step 2 – Post your results (or questions) in the comments below!

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