What Causes Cellulite and What Can You Do To Stop It

What Causes Cellulite and What Can You Do To Stop It

Cellulite is a very embarrassing skin condition. If you have noticed that there are spots of your skin where dimples have started forming, you have cellulite. It will generally for on the buttocks and thighs and it causes many people to be embarrassed of wearing shorts and swim suits because its there. The number of women who experience cellulite is close to 90% of all of them, although it can affect men as well. The question is what causes cellulite and what can you do to stop it? There are many solutions to help you find some relief from cellulite.

 Causes of Cellulite

No one is really sure the exact cause of cellulite, but it has been determined that it has to do with the skin and how it disconnects from the connective tissue and the other layers of the skin. There are also hormonal factors and age that have been shown to cause cellulite as well. The older we get, the less active we are and this leads to having more cellulite on our bodies. Those who remain active as long as they can seem to have very little cellulite. Genetics is also a factor when it comes to having cellulite. If you see that other family members have suffered from cellulite, chances are you will too.

How To Stop It

There are many natural ways to help fight cellulite. One of them is to remain active, exercise, and do a lot of stretches and yoga. This will help your body to become more active and the tissues in your skin will begin to build their circulation, elasticity, and connectivity. Another way to help fight cellulite is through moisturizing your skin. If you apply a lotion or cream on it night, massage it in a circular motion. This will get the circulation to start building again.

There are plenty of creams and serums on the market that make promises of removing cellulite. Swiss Botany's Green Tea and Rose Cellulite Cream can help you to find some relief from cellulite. Made of all-natural ingredients, this cream can help to get the dimples on your skin to fade away naturally. It is a body firming cream and can be used on your legs, stomach, and buttocks. 

Cellulite may be embarrassing, but you do not have to feel that way. Be sure to read our blog to see other ways that green tea and rose can help your skin.

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