Why Do Men Have Wrinkles?

Why Do Men Have Wrinkles?

As we age, wrinkles are bound to form on anyone- even males. But exactly why do men have wrinkles? Are the factors that affect women the same as those for men? We’ve gone through and highlighted some of the main reasons that men form wrinkles and how they may differ from women. Learning about this can help you choose the best way to get rid of your wrinkles depending on your skin.

Women vs Men

While both men and women will form wrinkles in their lifetime, there are subtle differences between the two which can lead men to delay the formation of wrinkles, unlike women. For example, men’s bodies produce much more testosterone, which in turn can encourage their glands to secrete even more oil. While oil isn’t the greatest thing since it can cause acne and greasy skin, it can help moisturize the skin which can help prevent wrinkles. Women, on the other hand, don’t produce as much oil and will need to moisturize more often than men to maintain hydration in their skin.

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It’s Your Choice

Are extra oils the only thing that cause men to form wrinkles differently than women? The reality is that men can do more to protect their skin from aging signs- if they choose to do so. It’s no secret that women generally spend much more time and invest more on anti-aging products and techniques, whereas men aren’t necessarily as cautious. If a few lifestyle changes are implemented, then the youthful skin on a man’s face can be preserved for much longer.

A few things that everyone, not only men, should worry about is eating healthy and avoiding excessive sugars, getting enough sleep, keeping the skin protected from the sun, and cleansing the face thoroughly and properly. Your diet is an important part of how your skin turns out, and if you’re eating healthy foods that are rich in vitamin C, you’ll have a better chance of keeping wrinkles away. Likewise, sleeping properly is also important for brightening your appearance and avoiding a dull face. Your skin should also always be shielded from the sun by using effective proteins, and it should also be cleansed and exfoliated regularly to keep your skin smooth. We recommend using a 2 in 1 moisturizer and sunscreen like our Anti-Aging Day Protect SPF 22 to protect against the sun while nurturing the skin so that you can gain even more benefits from a single product.


Men, just like women, can form wrinkles on their skin as they grow older. However, there are daily changes they can implement that can help prevent wrinkles for years more than usual. Taking special care of your skin and being mindful of harms that can cause wrinkles are key to preserving your youthful looks. Using the right products will also ensure that your skin is given the best treatment for wrinkles. If you take a few steps to improve your skin’s health, it’ll show clearly on your appearance and help you maintain your desired skin.

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