Your Face Moisturizer: Should it be Oil Free?

Your Face Moisturizer: Should it be Oil Free?

Your Face Moisturizer: Should it be Oil Free?

If you notice shiny spots on your face during the day, welcome to having oily skin. Here's why you should probably use an oil free face moisturizer.

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Do you find yourself going through a pack of blotting papers in a week trying to combat those shiny forehead spots? Or has anyone ever complimented you on your highlight, but deep down you knew it was just your natural shine?

If you answered yes, then welcome to the oily skin club! 

It can be beyond frustrating when you dedicate your time and money to a skin care routine but still suffer from oily skin. 

But luckily, there is one easy step that could help you fight shine, and that is changing your face moisturizer.

Don't Skip Face Moisturizer 

You might think that the idea of putting a moisturizer on your oily skin would be counterproductive. But no matter what type of skin you have, you need to have a good moisturizer in your arsenal. 

Cleansing, toning, and exfoliating are all great skin routines to have, but they dry out your skin. And when you skip the moisturizer, your skin goes into survival mode. 

Your skin will respond to this lack of moisture by overproducing on oil, which just adds to your oily skin problem. On top of creating oil skin, this routine can even cause acne outbreaks.

Put an end to this never-ending cycle of skin problems and add a face moisturizer to your routine.

Going Oil-Free

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Now that we've established the importance of using a moisturizer, the next step is choosing the right one for your skin.

Using any old, traditional moisturizer will probably be too heavy and do nothing to help your oil production problem. Avoid products that list petrolatum, cocoa butter, or mineral oil as one of their ingredients. These products could be too heavy for your skin type and clog your pores.

Instead, look for moisturizers that are listed as "oil-free". Oil free moisturizers will use dimethicone instead of petrolatum. This ingredient will help combat oil and reduce shine. 

Another good term to look out for on your moisturizers is "non-comedogenic", meaning it isn't heavy and should absorb quickly without clogging your pores.

Keeping The Shine Away

Once you've switched out your old face moisturizer for a new, oil-free version, you might think all of your oily skin problems will go away immediately. But there are other things you can do during your skin care routine to help your moisturizer get the job done. 

First, remember that less is more. Don't over do it with any of your skin care products, especially with your moisturizer.

Start off with one pump and dab it in dots around your face, then rub it in to fill in the bare spaces. This way you won't over do the amount you use, and in the long run, you will save money!

Next, try to resist using harsh products that dry out your skin. It might seem like a good thing to use a product that removes all traces of oil, but remember that it leads to more oil production in the end.

Consider switching out your harsh toner for something that still gets the job done without completely stripping your skin, like witch hazel


Oily skin can seem like a never ending battle, but don't despair! You're not alone in the fight.

Switching to an oil-free moisturizer could be your first step to achieving matte, oil free skin. Think about the money you'll save on blotting papers!

Looking for more tips on dealing with oily skin, or have any questions about skincare? Reach out to us today!

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