Your Skin Vs the Sun

Your Skin Vs the Sun

Our skin seems to have a love-hate relationship with the sun. We can gain many benefits from the sun like producing vitamin D, which can help our bones stay healthy and even promote weight loss. But at the same time, the sun can cause damage to our skin by causing wrinkles to form from overexposure. Finding a balance between your skin vs the sun can make all the difference of whether the sun will be your best friend or worst enemy.

How Our Skin Reacts to the Sun

When the sun shines on our skin, several processes take place inside our body. These can result in how well our appearance looks as well as how healthy our body is. Firstly, when the sun enters our skin, it helps it produce vitamin D. Vitamin D can be consumed through foods and taken as supplements, but natural vitamin D comes from the sun. This is one of the needed benefits that come when we’re exposed to sunlight.

Another reaction our skin has when the sun shines on it is that it increases in melanin content. Melanin is the colored content which makes up our skin, and the more we have of it, the darker our skin will be. The sun is responsible for increasing melanin production in our skin, which eventually results in darker skin after being out in the sun. If you get a tan, your melanin content likely increased during your time in the sun.

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The sun can also be damaging to your skin if exposed for long hours to it without any protection. UV rays can penetrate deep into our skin and cause our cells to become damaged. When they try to repair themselves, wrinkles and fine lines begin to form. The sun plays such a big role in the aging of our skin that experts say it may be the result of 90% of our wrinkles. Because the sun is such a big factor in gaining aged skin, we have to make sure to protect ourselves from it properly.


While you can attempt to wear full clothing to shield yourself from the sun or avoid it altogether, these probably aren’t the most realistic ways of keeping your skin protected. Your best bet when out in the sun is to wear sunscreen. Sunscreen should not only be worn every day, but it should also be applied on the cloudy days. It is so essential for our skin because it acts as an effective barrier between our gentle skin and the fierce sun. Getting a strong sunscreen, like our  Anti-Aging Day Protect SPF 22, will ensure that you’re protected on even the most hottest of days. It is natural, effective, and even repairs damaged skin cells in the body. Without sunscreen, you’re at risk of ruining your skin and causing it to look years older than it actually is. Take action and prevent aging signs by keeping your skin safe and protected with sunscreen.

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