10 Awesome Benefits of Using Organic Jojoba Oil

10 Awesome Benefits of Using Organic Jojoba Oil

Organic jojoba oil is a great way to unclog pores or make your hair shiny. But the benefits don't stop there! Keep reading to learn why you should use it!

Jojoba oil has been used to treat skin and hair conditions probably since the first Native Americans made their way into the arid regions of the Southwest thousands of years ago. Not only does it have healing properties, but it's also tasteless, odorless, and incredibly easy to apply.

Jojoba oil also acts in such a similar way to a waxy substance our own skin produces. It's so similar it has replaced the use of animal fats in most creams and shampoos, making Jojoba oil a friend to the animals.

Yes, Jojoba oil is amazing. Which is why we've developed our list of 10 awesome benefits to using organic jojoba oil.

1. Organic Jojoba Oil Treats Acne

Natural anti-microbial properties are found in jojoba oil. It also contains iodine, which is thought to prevent pimples, breakouts, and blackheads from forming due to bacteria.

2. Use to Combat Oily Skin

Jojoba's natural anti-inflammatory effect helps heal flare-ups of oily skin due to seborrheic dermatitis, acne, and dandruff. It will not only modulate the sebum production, which produces that oily look but keeps your skin hydrated as well.

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3. Remove Your Makeup With Jojoba Oil

Think you need harsh chemicals to remove your waterproof mascara or liquid liner? Using Jojoba oil will gently take off your eye makeup and may also help take away foundations, powders, and even lip stains.

4. Condition Your Hair

Jojoba oil is great for your hair for a variety of reasons. Here's why everyone benefits from using Jojoba:

  • Hydrates dry scalp and hair
  • Eliminates dandruff
  • Tames frizzy hair
  • Adds shine

5. Moisturize Your Face & Skin

Every time you wash your hands, face, or body, essential oils are stripped away leaving your skin vulnerable to bacteria. Jojoba seals in your skin's natural moisture and adds a layer of protection. 

Try adding a few drops of Jojoba oil between your palms and applying it to your face and other exposed parts after washing. Warming up a spoonful of Jojoba oil and leaving it on your face overnight provides a deeper moisturizing effect that will leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

6. Treat Dry, Cracking Penile Skin

Yes, sometimes men also get that not-so-fresh-feeling down there. Dermatitis, skin conditions, yeast infections, and even too much handling can cause the penile area to become irritated. Thankfully, Jojoba oil contains vitamin E which helps ease circulation and enhance sensitivity

7. Heal Those Cracked Cuticles

Cracked cuticles are uncomfortable and unsightly.  However, that doesn't mean you need to quit polishing your nails just to avoid painfully cracked cuticles.

Rub a drop or two on your cuticle area after bathing. Once a week, soak your nails in warm water for 5-10 minutes before applying the oil.

8. Unchap Those Lips

Most lip balms contain petroleum which drys out your lips. Just a drop of Jojoba oil will seal in moisture and keep your lips soft. 

9. Get Sunburn Relief

When you feel the effects of too much fun in the sun, it feels horrible. Jojoba's healing properties can help heal sunburn, heat rash, and other skin irritations.

10. Use Organic Jojoba Oil as an Anti Fungal Cream

Fight off foot infections, warts, and even toenail fungus with Jojoba oil. Once again, it's anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties will help heal unsightly foot issues.

We believe in providing our customers with organic, natural skin care products designed to make you look and feel younger. Buy some of our organic Jojoba oil and see for yourself.

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