All About Roots for Coloring

All About Roots for Coloring

When you read the ingredients for certain products, you may immediately go online to find out what they are. That is why we want to focus some more on the ingredients in our new shampoo bars. Before they are released, we would like for you to know all that you can in order to make the best decision when you purchase them. We want to be open and upfront about all of the ingredients that makes our shampoo bars work for you. That is why we want you to know all about roots for coloring. 

 Flower Roots for Color

There many flowers and roots that can be used as natural dyes in shampoo bars and soaps. Rose clay powder is one of the most popular because it gives the shampoo bars a nice shade of pink. Rose clay powder is also called Rose Kaolin clay and it has been used for many years to give the dusty rose color in soaps and now in shampoo bars. Other types of root powders and flowers are fun to use and we love using them to make our products. Beet root powder, alfalfa root powder, ground carrots, coffee, cornmeal, chocolate, cocoa powder, and paprika are all great natural colorants. 

Flowers also make beautiful fragrances in our shampoo bars. All-natural essential oils play a huge role when it comes to making the shampoo bars smell amazing! For example, our new citrus shampoo bar contains orange essential oil, along with orange peel powder. These are combined with lime and bergamot to make a fragrance unlike any other. The scent will wake your scalp up and open your eyes!

 Shampoo Bars Coming Soon

We hope you are as excited as we are about the new shampoo bars. We couldn't be happier with the way that they are coming out and we cannot wait until they are ready for you! Stay tuned to our website for them and keep reading our blogs!


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