Changes in Breasts During Menopause

Changes in Breasts During Menopause

Menopause is known by some as the change of life. It is a time during a woman's life that many changes occur hormonally including changes in the breasts. Menopause is a part of a woman's life that can be really tough or they could have an easy change. All women are different, but one this is for sure there are changes in breasts during menopause. 

 Tenderness and Pain

During a woman's period, there is fluid that builds up in her breasts and this can be a cause of tenderness, pain, and swelling of the breasts. During menopause, you will no longer have a period or it will become very irregular. The fluids in your body will continue to move and they will go back to your breasts. This will cause that tenderness and swelling once again, but this time it may be more painful and you won't know when to expect it. This tenderness will be very unpredictable.

Many women take over the counter pain reliever to help with this tenderness and pain while others simply choose to wear a different type of bra. Many women have been switching from underwire bras to sports bras and wireless bras. They provide more comfort for women especially when the breasts are tender and in pain. If the pain doesn't seem to stop, it is time to consult your doctor. 

Changes in Breast Size and Shape

Menopause also brings changes in the size and shape of your breasts. Your hormones go through so much during this time and one of those is estrogen. Your estrogen levels will drop very quickly. That is why a lot of women seek hormone therapy during this time. The tissue in your breasts starts to shrink and this can cause your breasts to get even smaller. You may begin to notice that they are starting to sag too. This is why it is important to continue to take good care of yourself. You can hit the gym more often or you can try to find the perfect natural remedy for enhancing your breast size. 

Swiss Botany knows how tough menopause can be. We hear stories about how women want to change their breast size because of these changes. Not to worry, we have so many options for you that are all natural and perfect for restoring your breasts back to the size they once were.  With our capsules and serum, you are bound to find a product that works best for your breasts! 

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