Citrus Shampoo Bars

Citrus Shampoo Bars

AHHH!!! The amazing smell of citrus can truly wake you up in the morning. This is why we know that you will love our new citrus shampoo bars. We are happy to announce our newest products and as we get closer to releasing them, we want our customers to know all there is to know about our citrus shampoo bars.

 Motivation and Waking Up With Citrus

 One of the greatest things about citrus essential oils is that they boost your energy levels and motivation. This is perfect for a long day at work or a rough start to your morning. Our citrus shampoo bars contain lemon oil, orange oil, bergamot oil, tangerine oil, lime oil, mango juice, and pink and red grapefruit oils. These citrus oils have some incredibly motivating benefits, so why would you not wash your hair with them?

Lemon essential oil helps to motivate you because it helps to boost your spirits and your mood. It also can help to reduce the stress levels that you have in your life. Orange oil has some very positives benefits as well. Orange oil has a very nice sweetness to it that can bring a smile to anyone's face. It can boost your energy levels too. The smell helps to increase the happiness hormones in your brain and wakes you right up! No wonder we suggest using this shampoo bar in your morning shower!

Swiss Botany's New Product Line

We are ready to show you all of the new products that we have to offer. The shampoo bars may be one of the most exciting thing that we have done as a company! We are beyond excited to see how much our customers love them! We know that we are almost ready to have them in your showers! Keep up with our website and you will be the first to know when they are ready to be shipped to you!


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