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Benefits of Cocoa Butter

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At Swiss Botany, we love cocoa butter. We love it so much that we are now making our new shampoo bars with it! We are so excited for you all to try it too. The shampoo bars are only part of our shift to try to do our part for the environment. We also want your hair to look and feel fabulous with zero guilt. This is why we want to explain the benefits of cocoa butter.

Cocoa Butter for Hair

 People have been using cocoa butter their hair and skin for years. It has some amazing benefits that you will be so excited about, especially since we are using it in our new shampoo bars! Cocoa butter works wonders on moisturizing your hair. You have probably seen it already in liquid shampoos and conditioners and you will see it in our shampoo bars too! 

Cocoa butter is also known for helping to get rid of frizzy hair. Depending on the climate you live in, your hair may change seasonally. Cocoa butter can help with that! By adding it into our shampoo bars, we are happy about the tests and the results so far. This is why we are even more excited about releasing it to our customers. 

 Lastly, cocoa butter is famous for helping with repairing hair that is breaking off. It will help with any coloring or damages done to your hair too. Cocoa butter is one of a kind and it does wonders for your hair!

Shampoo Bars from Swiss Botany

 As you can tell, we are incredibly excited about the new shampoo bars! We are so close to releasing them that we can barely contain our excitement! Keep an eye on our website to find out all of the details. 


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