Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut Oil Benefits

What a lovely bunch of coconuts! It's that time of year when our hair starts to become a little irritated with us. If it is cold where you are, you may be experiencing hat hair because of your warm hats or you may be experiencing humidity if you are in warmer conditions. No matter where you are, coconut oil can help your hair become more and more beautiful.This is one of the amazing reasons that we have decided to create shampoo bars with coconut oil as one of the main ingredients. Stay tuned while we explain all of the coconut oil benefits for your hair. 

 Uses of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil gets quite a bit of publicity. In fact, you can use it for your hair, skin, nails, and you can even cook with it! It seems to be one of the cure all oils on the market and we feel that it is pretty amazing! We had made it ingredient one in our new shampoo bars. This should make you smile if you love it the way that we do! 

So why has coconut oil become so popular? There has been a lot of recent research that shows that it can help with heart disease, anxiety, depression, softer skin, beautiful hair, you name it! Coconut oil does seem to be quite an oil. So where do we begin by telling you just how great it is for your hair?

Coconut Oil for Hair

If you have dry hair, coconut oil is probably the best thing you can use for it. If you have oilier hair, you may not have the best of luck with coconut oil, but in our shampoo bars it is mixed with so much more! Coconut oil helps to reduce breakage of your hair and it helps to repair damages that have been done by coloring, drying, or bleaching your hair. This is part of the reasoning behind us choosing to add coconut oil into our shampoo bars. We love what coconut oil does for the hair and we want to share it with each and every one of our customers. 

 Are you as ready as we are for these shampoo bars? We know you are! That is why we are giving you as much information as possible on them before their big release. You will begin to see just how amazing they are as we begin to roll them out. Stay tuned for our website for more information on them. 

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