Cupcake Shampoo Bars

Cupcake Shampoo Bars

Who doesn't love cupcakes? Some of us would eat cupcakes for every meal if we could. The rich flavor combined with frosting and sprinkles is just one of a kind. Now that we have your attention, we want to talk to you about out new cupcake shampoo bars. If you love cupcakes, you are going to be so excited when we release our cupcake shampoo bars.

Essential Oils and Ingredients

Our cupcake shampoo bars will really make you feel like you're at a birthday party! Once you get a whiff of the amazing essential oils blended together, you will never want to wash your hair with anything else! In our cupcake shampoo bars, we are using quite a few essential oils and ingredients to make them smell just like real cupcakes. We use raspberries, coconut, vanilla bean, a blend to smell like cotton candy, brown sugar, and caramel. It is our goal to make this shampoo bar smell like a sweet, iced cupcake with raspberries on top. Your mouth is probably watering as you read this. 

 Are you ready to try it? If the talk of cupcakes doesn't reel you in, we're not sure what will! As we prepare for this huge launch, we are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our shampoo bars. We urge each and every one of you to take the time to read our new blog posts and look into how to use shampoo bars and just how much money you can save by using them! You will be very excited, surprised, and amazed about how much you can learn about shampoo bars just by reading our latest blogs.

Stay tuned for the Swiss Botany website to help to keep up with the new product launch. We are very excited to be offering even more products to make your hair, skin, and body feel and look great! 


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