Dragon's Blood Lip Balm

Dragon's Blood Lip Balm

If you haven't been looking at our website, you probably know nothing about Dragon's blood, but if you are a regular to our website, you have probably seen it a few times. We, at Swiss Botany, are huge fans of it actually. The herb is known to be a much better alternative filler and it is known as a lip plumper too. This is why we are developing Dragon's Blood lip balm. It will be ready in just a few weeks and we are very excited to share it with our customers. 

Benefits of Dragon's Blood

 Dragon's Blood is an herb that comes from Croton Uechleri tree, not to be confused with the succulent that is also called Dragon's Blood. This herb has been used for centuries by different cultures for medicinal purposes. It has been discovered recently that it can also be used to help with the aging process. This is why we love Dragon's Blood and were very excited to have our cosmetics makers come up with our newest lip balm. 

A lot of research is being done on Dragon's Blood and just what great benefits it has. From the discoveries so far, we know that it acts like a natural filler and it can plump the skin cells in the lips and face. There is now research being done that even shows that it can help with tumors and is anti-bacterial. We love it because of the properties it has to help with skin regeneration. This is why we chose it to go in our newest lip balm. 

Swiss Botany And Dragon's Blood

We are so proud of our products that contain Dragon's Blood. Our Dragon's Blood Gel is one of a kind and now this lip balm will be too! Keep an eye on our website to learn more about the lip balm and when it will be ready for you to buy!

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