Facial Cleanser for Super Sensitive Skin

Facial Cleanser for Super Sensitive Skin

Are you search off a facial cleanser for your super sensitive skin?

Is your skin dry, oily, cracked, damaged, or itchy all the time?

Well if that is you, do not despair…

Our skin tends to let us down as we Age.

Sometimes we end up accepting this as ‘Normal’

Have you ever thought you just had bad adult acne and the redness was normal?

Or you just kinda thought your skin doesn't look like other girls… that you just don't have that glow, or whatever.

Well if you’re anything like us, we love "clean products / clean food / organic supplements", and most importantly, natural skincare.

And our latest invention is the Manuka Honey Facial Cleanser for face and body.

This facial cleanser was created to make your skincare routine a little more fun.

It has a well-balanced PH (secret weapon) to help heal your sensitive skin from dryness, redness plus any other flaw...

If your skin is sensitive, it will eat this Honey Facial Cleanser up all day!

Made from mostly natural ingredients, your skin will absolutely love our brand new Manuka Honey Facial Cleanser

3 Huge Problems with Facial Cleansers

The skin produces pollutants that may require cleansing

Not to mention the makeup we put on daily — it requires even more cleansing.

We all desire skin that feels fresh, clean, incredibly soft, and firmer.
All so that we can feel good about ourselves and stay looking attractive even in our platinum years.

But... finding the right facial cleanser that is perfect for our skin might feel like a difficult hunting ground… and sadly it is.

That is why it’s easy to catch ourselves using facial cleansers that are most likely to cause more damage to our already damaged skin.

This brings us to these 3 Huge problems with facial cleansers:

  1. Wrong ph levels - Most face cleansers have either very high or unbalanced ph levels which can dry out and ruin your skin.
  2. Highly reactive - Irritates the skin and makes you break out with serious deep clogged pores, rashes, and bumps.
  3. Dry out your skin - People with rosacea, combo, or flaky skin have reported being completely dried out after using certain facial cleansers.

With all these problems, we wanted to make things a little simpler for everyone.

That is why we’ve created this brand new facial cleanser for thirsty aging skin that guarantees you’ll get the results you’re looking for without any problems or side effects.

This cleanser is a perfect rinser for:

  • Moisturizing & Smoothing the skin
  • Removing Fine lines & Wrinkles
  • Removing any dead skin cells
  • Can even remove makeup

As a company that’s fully devoted to giving you the perfect skincare routine, we saw a lot of facial cleansers out there that smell odd and have zero impact on your acne (some people have reported their acne getting worse and their dry skin made, even more, drier from using these products)

So as a direct response to these problems, we got to working…

And guess what?

We’ve made the perfect facial cleanser that is friendly to all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Truly, the Manuka Honey Facial Cleanser is the anti-aging companion you’ve been searching for!

Facial Cleanser with the Perfect Ph Level for all Skin Types


Did you know that if you have picky or sensitive skin, using products with the wrong ph level can do serious damage to your skin? 

And if it’s a facial cleanser, a lot of face washes can cause you to break out.

Nobody deserves this!

That is why our Manuka Honey Facial Cleanser was created with you in mind with a well-balanced ph level for all skin types.

If you’re over 50 and have been experiencing enlarged pores and combination skin with occasional breakouts, this facial cleanser is meant for you.

And if you desire your skin to become new and completely transformed back to its youthful glory days, this facial cleanser is also meant for you!

The Manuka Honey Cleanser was created to help you smoothen your aging facial skin, reduce pores and add a firmness that it has not had since you were in your twenties.

This is the best way to have your face detoxed to achieve that beautiful and youthful look without using fake products that might damage your skin instead.

Check out our new Manuka Honey Cleanser today!

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