Hiding Dark Circles

Hiding Dark Circles

Dark circles seem to come at us with no warning. No one wants to look tired all the time so that is why hiding dark circles is important. Many people will use make up to cover up dark circles, but not everyone want to use it. Here are some great ways to help hide dark circles under your eyes. 

 Fast Fixes for Dark Circles

 One of the easiest and quickest ways that you can hide dark circles is by using tea bags. With tea bags that contain caffeine, make your tea as you would usually. Take the tea bags out of the water and squeeze the extra water out. Make sure that the tea bags are not too hot to place on your skin. You can put the tea bags in the refrigerator for about ten minutes to be sure. After the tea bags have cooled, place them on your eyes. Keep the tea bags on your eyes for about 15 to 20 minutes. 

If you don't drink tea and don't want to go out and buy tea bags, you can try eye creams that contain caffeine. There are eye creams that contain coffee and can help your dark circles to vanish in no time! The caffeine in these creams helps to calm down the swelling and puffiness in your skin. This also helps to get rid of the dark circles. The blood vessels in your face are constricted and this can help to make the dark circles go away. 

 Using spoons on your eyes can also help to get rid of dark circles when all else fails. Take two spoons and put them in water. Then, place them in the freezer for about ten minutes. Place the back side of the spoons onto your eyes. They will be cold, so be prepared. Hold them onto your eyes for about 5 to 7 minutes. 

No one likes the dark circles on the face and we know that! That is why we want to give you these tips to try and make them go away fast! You will be really happy with the results after you try these steps. 


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