How To Use A Shampoo Bar

How To Use A Shampoo Bar

Being a pretty new product for many people, shampoo bars may seem a bit confusing to some. We are here to explain to you just how to use a shampoo bar. It may seem a lot different than bottle shampoo, because it is! There is no plastic bottle to toss into the garbage, and you can use your shampoo bar up to 45 times without having to replace it! For some people, it can last up to 100 washes, but it all depends on the type of hair you have and how many times a week you wash your hair. So stay with us as we walk you through washing your hair with a shampoo bar. 

 The First Method To Try

 There are a few different ways to use your shampoo bar, so we will start by explaining this technique. Begin your washing by fully saturating your hair in warm water. You want to get your shampoo bar just a little wet in the shower. You can lather it in your hand at this point and you will see the bubbles starting to form in about 10 seconds. Start to rub your shampoo bar on your head from root to tip just as you would use liquid shampoo. Rub and work the shampoo on your hair and scalp just as you would your liquid shampoo. Finally, rinse all of the bubbles and suds out of your hair. 

 A Storage Technique

Our next method is a way to wash your hair with your shampoo bar and a safe way to store it. You will need to wash your hair as per the previous instructions, then place your shampoo bar in a high and dry place in your shower. The most important thing about getting the most use out of your bar is the storage. You can place it on a dish where it will not collect water or once it is fully dry, you can store it in an aluminum tin with a lid. You want to make sure that your shampoo bar stays solid for as long as possible. 

 Swiss Botany is so excited about the release of our new shampoo bars. They will be on our website very soon and you will h ave a chance to try three different varieties. We want to do everything we can to help you change the plastic in the world. 

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