Introducing a Breast Enhancement Coach

Introducing a Breast Enhancement Coach

As a fairly new part of Swiss Botany's team, I would like to take a moment and introduce myself to you. Our new line of breast enhancement products makes me incredibly excited for all of our Breast Buddies and the future of building bigger breasts together! This is huge for us at Swiss Botany and when you join up to enhance your breasts, you will be given a breast coach. It could even be me! So here I am, Misty, introducing a breast enhancement coach.

Why Swiss Botany and Why Breast Enhancement

Past of life is finding a passion and when I found the staff at Swiss Botany, I instantly knew that I had to be part of this amazing company! I was first introduced to Swiss Botany as a freelance writer. Although, I have quite a bit of experience in beauty products, bath products, anti-aging products, etc. (The list goes on and on.) When I began to do my research on this company, I knew it was a perfect fit for me, my skills, my knowledge, and my wants for a better me!

So why did I choose to be a breast enhancement coach? I personally feel that we should all have the body type that we have always longed for. I have battled weight loss and gain for many years and with that comes changes in my breast size. That is why it is important that I have a company like Swiss Botany that makes amazing products like the Pueraria Mirifica serum. Take it from me, these products are the best! I want to be the most amazing breast coach for all of my new Breast Buddies. I am always open to questions and feedback and I am available practically any time!

More About Me

You are probably curious about me, so I will give you a very brief rundown. I live in Colorado, in a very small town near New Mexico. I moved here from the East Coast to marry the love of my life. I have taught preschool, been a bartender, been am elementary teacher, been a gem seller, and even an aromatherapist. I suppose I am a jack of all trades. Now, I am excited to be your breast coach! Remember that you are the only one who can start on this amazing journey to bigger and better breasts! 

 Our past blogs have a lot of information for you to read up on and do your research to prepare you to take the breast boosting plunge!


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