Lisandra's 4 in 1 Skincare Testimony: Two-Week Update

Lisandra's 4 in 1 Skincare Testimony: Two-Week Update

After using her favorite 4 in 1 skincare routine combo, Lisandra is back with a two-week update.

What are her results?

Let’s find out…

Week One

In the first week, Lisandra was away in Guatemala with one of my friends.

In her own words she says, “ I would like to thank these products for helping my skin stay hydrated during the trip and well protected. I always thought my make up was a lot easier to apply because this was making my skin smoother by the day”

Using this simple 4 in 1 skincare routine has helped smoothen Lisandra’s skin tremendously.

Now applying makeup just easier since it just glides onto her smooth face perfectly.

The Results After Two Weeks:

  • Fresh look and feel in the morning
  • Dark circles around her eyes have been made lighter
  • Great time bonding with her skin which now looks beautiful

Lisandra absolutely loves our products because they are very easy to apply, absorb pretty quickly, and are less time-consuming to incorporate into your skincare routine.


After just two weeks of using her favorite skincare routine from Swiss Botany, Lisandra is very satisfied with this line and she just can not wait to see how much more her skin will change in the upcoming weeks.

So stay tuned!

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Watch Lisandra talk about her two-week update here

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