Making Your Home Plastic Bottle Free

Making Your Home Plastic Bottle Free

We have a challenge for you: make your home plastic free. You may think that we are crazy, but you can try it. There are some small steps to take each day to make your home plastic bottle free, and we want to help you. It may take a few months or may take a day, but at Swiss Botany, we have challenged ourselves too. That is why we are introducing the shampoo bars to our website. In the coming months, you will see a lot of changes in products and one of them is the shampoo bar. Take the time to see what we all can do to help get our homes plastic bottle free. 

 Buying Products with Biodegradable Packaging and Waste

It is tough to find a lot of products that have waste that is compostable or biodegradable, but it is out there. For example, if you are looking for cotton swabs, there are some that plastic free and biodegradable. These swabs have cardboard sticks that biodegrade easily and you won't feel guilty about buying them. The best place to look is a natural food store for items like this. 

 Get rid of the plastic bottles for your shampoos and your hand soaps. Bar soaps and shampoo bars are growing incredibly popular because they help to get rid of our carbon footprint on the world. Shampoo bars and bar soaps don't need to be in any plastic bottles and you will see how much space you save in your bathroom too. 

Lastly, find some local stores that act as a refill station. In many areas, natural food stores have areas set up where you can bring in your bottles and fill them up. This is an amazing idea and will cut out the amount of plastic bottles your household is using. 

 You will be surprised what happens when you take the time to see the amount of plastic you have in your home. As we attempt to do this in our homes, we will be on the look out for other ways we can begin to change our packaging as well. We are starting with the shampoo bars and who knows just how much we can do by taking a look at the waste we all have in our homes. 

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