New Product Announcement

New Product Announcement

As Swiss Botany has grown, we have paid more attention to our customers feedback, and we have been focusing on finding long term solutions for as many of the troubles that our skin causes us. Now we are happy to give you a new product announcement. 

Two of our most popular products are the Dragon Bloods Gel, and the Swiss Apple Serum 3000, these products have fantastic results that continue to reduce the appearance of the problems we would rather solve.

We are officially announcing that while we have not completely solved the problem - We've made it a WHOLE LOT BETTER.


Nature's Essential Serum

We have produced a two part compound that is far better than any injection alternative could ever be. We are talking DRASTIC changes in skin tightening, hydration, & glow restoration in DAYS, and results that LAST.

One of the biggest reasons many topical solutions have not produced long term results is because we can only get our skin to absorb so much of any substance during a given period. Our body has receptors for different compounds, while those receptors never stop working, they don't always do what we would like :)

So we started to develop a new formula that we knew our customers would benefit from. 

"Imagine if there were a way to the receptors in the face on specifically for our serum, theoretically - It COULD absorb a full dose of the serum, right?"

Just a few months later, we came up with a product that we know our customers will truly love.

We have continued our research into nanoparticles to find the best way to deliver the ingredients that we have shown you have such regenerative powers. During this process, we stumbled upon a formula very similar to one that has been used in clinics around the world. With the introduction of our nano technology, and some help from nature - We have found a solution that wakes up the receptors all over your body (but specifically designed for your face) and helps the needed compounds be absorbed by your skin.

Now, we need YOUR help

While we may all feel that $350 is the deal of a lifetime for a long term solution, we would like your opinion on the packaging you would like before we start making them.

We strongly feel that when a product like this is released, it has the potential to change lives. If you had the chance to look 20 years younger, would you? Most of us say yes! Who doesn't want to look 20 years younger?

Keep in mind these designs are not final, and we will be putting some special touches on the box. If there is anything you'd like to see, let me know by responding to this email, and I'll make a note of it.

Please Vote Below - You are welcome to email me back! (There are two links, make sure you check both and vote on both!)
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