Private Whitening: The Ugly Truth

Private Whitening: The Ugly Truth

Whitening your privates is something that many of us find a bit embarrassing. It is something that we would prefer to do in the privacy of our own homes. Why do people like to do it? Is it safe? What are some products that you can use? All of these questions will be answered as we talk about private whitening: the ugly truth.

What it is and Why do People Do it?

 There are many terms thrown around when talking about private whitening. Some call it "genital bleaching", which sounds pretty embarrassing when talking about it in conversation. It has become a trend of the rich and famous and now you can do it too! Although bleaching is mentioned quite often in reference to the whitening, there is not bleaching of the skin done, so you don't have to worry about that part. 

The private whitening process makes your private areas pink instead of dark. Over time and due to aging, there are parts of your privates that get much darker. Some people want their areas to stay pink and youthful looking and this is why they choose private whitening. This will help you to boost your confidence in the bedroom. 

Many people will whitening their private areas when they start dating again or become sexually active again. There is a lot of pressure to look perfect everywhere, including your privates. Private whitening is the easiest and cheapest way to achieve the look of youth you have always wanted. Swiss Botany even offers our own version of a private whitening cream. 

Whitening Cream for Sensitive and Intimate Areas

Swiss Botany has made our own special whitening cream for your intimate areas. It is made with jojoba seed oil, papaya extract, and alba leaf extract to help to moisturize and whitening your private areas. Not only is it great for your private areas, but it is also great for under your eyes and under arms. This cream will help to reduce the scars on your skin as well. If you are looking to whiten those private areas, this is one of the safest and all-natural ways of doing so. 

Swiss Botany knows just how important your skin is to you and that is why we pride ourselves on being the number one customer choice in natural alternatives. This cream can do wonders for your private areas and for your face! 


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