Shampoo Bars are the Next Beauty Trend

Shampoo Bars are the Next Beauty Trend

Everywhere we look, there is another story about the amount of plastic going into our environment. With all of these plastic bottles from shampoos and conditioners, isn't it time we all made a change? That is why we think shampoo bars are the next beauty trend. There is almost nothing about these bars that we don't like, so let's take a look at why they are going to take over the world of beauty.

 Why Are Shampoo Bars The New Thing

 The first reasons that these shampoo bars are the best new thing is because of how environmentally friendly they are. Anyone can see just how much waste is going into the landfills and water sources on our planet. People are animals are all getting hit with the horrible truth that people are not recycling plastics. Shampoo bars have zero waster. When you order them online, they may be wrapped or in a cardboard box, but there is no plastic bottle to throw away. Why would you say no to this?!

Secondly, you can travel with them so easily. The TSA will not make you throw it out of your carry-on because it's not a liquid. Imagine going through the line on your next flight feeling confident that you can go through with zero problems. That sounds like a great idea to us! 

Lastly, our shampoo bars are made with natural ingredients. A lot of them on the market today are not, so it is best to check your ingredients. With natural ingredients, you won't have to worry about what is going on your hair and on your skin. We bet your bottle shampoo isn't natural. Why not go with one of our three amazing scents?

Swiss Botany's Shampoo Bars

We are so happy to announce that these shampoo bars will be on our website soon! We will feature some amazing scents and over the next few days, you will learn just why shampoo bars are the next big thing. Stay tuned for more tips on using your shampoo bars and what to know about their ingredients. 

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