Side Effects of Argan Oil

Side Effects of Argan Oil

Long, beautiful hair is what many of us want right? What about beautiful skin? There is one natural way to it and that is with Argan oil. Men and women, all over the world, have been using Argan oil to make their hair and skin feel soft and look radiant. There are some side effects of Argan oil however. 

 Side Effects of Argan Oil

 Argan oil is not considered one bit dangerous, but there are ways of using it and things to look out for when you buy it. Some users have had slight skin irritations to the oil, but a quick, skin patch test is the best way to determine if your skin is sensitive to it.

Some small side effects are usually found on the skin. This can vary from itchiness that seems to last over 24 hours, redness of the skin, and allergic reactions. These effects are generally caused by using Argan oil that is not a pure product. That is why it is important to read the ingredients of the product before you buy it. 

Swiss Botany's Argan Oil

The best thing about Swiss Botany's Argan oil is that it is the purest grade that you can find. It is certified organic and there is nothing added to it. This means that it is the best quality for your hair and skin. It is an extra virgin Argan oil which means that you won't find any added colorants, parabens, or pesticides. We promise that this Argan oil will give you nothing but great results.

You can learn even more about our Argan oil by checking out our blog. 


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