The Cheaper Way To Wash Your Hair

The Cheaper Way To Wash Your Hair

It's shower time and we are very happy about the new release of our shampoo bars! We have been working extremely hard to get them ready for our customers. We are releasing three scents and we hope that you will find one that you love. Let's talk for a second, first. Did you know that shampoo bars are the cheaper way to wash your hair? It's true! You will save some money each time you use your shampoo bar and here is the how and why. 

 Saving Money By Showering

It may sound silly, but you can save money when you shower. Simply by buying a shampoo bar. People are choosing shampoo bars for environmental and travel reasons, but now you can see how much money you can save too. For example, a popular brand of shampoo bars online retails at $7.00 per bar. Many people are astounded by this price because they pay $1.99 for their liquid shampoo. Think about it though, how long does your liquid shampoo last? Probably a week or two tops. Shampoo bars last months at a time! Think about the money you are saving there!

 When we look at the break down in our labs, we can see that one of our shampoo bars is equal to about 24 to 28 ounces of liquid shampoo, based on the washing experiments. If you wash your hair a lot, choosing a shampoo bar over the liquid is the best band for your buck!

Swiss Botany and Shampoo Bars

 At Swiss Botany, we are trying to change the way you all look at beauty and bath products. We are starting with our new shampoo bars. We are certain that you will love them and that you won't trust anyone else to sell them to you! There are more ways to use shampoo bars on our blogs, and be sure to keep checking the website for the release of the shampoo bars!


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