What You Never Knew About Argan Oil

What You Never Knew About Argan Oil

Argan oil was once one of the most precious oils in all of the world. There is a good reason for this! Argan oil has some magical benefits that even people in the ancient times could see. Argan oil comes from the argan tree, which is native to Morocco.This oil has been valued for over thousands of years and now we want to share it with you as well. Here is what you never knew about argan oil and how it can benefit you. 


One of the best things about Argan oil is all of the antioxidants it contains. Antioxidants are important for your body because they can help you to fight off many diseases and illnesses. They can also help to boost your immune system. Argan oil has been used on prostate cancer patients and the studies have shown that these antioxidants can help to reduce the cancer cells from reproducing and growing stronger. 

Anti-Aging Benefits

 Argan oil may have been used by women thousands of years ago to help them to make their skin even more beautiful. It contains large amounts of vitamin E which helps your skin to look healthy and young. It keeps your skin hydrated to make it look like you are young again., Argan oil also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as helping your skin to produce new skin cells and keep the older ones healthy. 

Hair Benefits

If you look on the beauty counters of your favorite stores, you have probably notice a lot of hair care products that contain Argan oil. It is no surprise to these companies that it has some magical powers for your hair. Argan oil helps to keep your hair looking smooth and radiant. It can help damaged hair to feel less frizzy and keep that shine all day long. 

 Swiss Botany's Argan Oil

 At Swiss Botany, skincare is one of our favorite things! You have probably seen the amazing products that we carry and Argan oil is one of them. Our Argan oil is 100% pure and is perfect for your skin, hair, nails, and scalp. It can be used twice a day on your problem areas and you will soon see the magic it works. 


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