Why You Are Losing Sensitivity in Your Penis

Why You Are Losing Sensitivity in Your Penis

When you age, your body starts to go through many changes. One of these changes is losing sensitivity in your penis. This happens to many men and it is part of the natural aging process. Here are many other reasons why you are losing sensitivity in your penis.

 Ways To Lose Sensitivity in the Penis

Losing sensitivity can be caused by a number of reasons. Most men claim old age and loss of interest in sex, but it can also be caused by nerve damage, a physical injury or trauma, damage from surgery, amounts of testosterone have dropped rapidly making your libido low, depression, and damaged blood vessels. 

Symptoms of Losing Penis Sensitivity

 When you begin to lose the sensitivity in your penis, you will notice specific symptoms. For some men, your penis will get a sensation that feels like an arm or leg falling asleep. Other men have noticed losing sensation in the penis and testicles, burning or tingling in the penis, feeling cold in the penis and testicles, and a blue or purple color to the penis. 

Regaining Your Sensitivity

 There are actually a few ways that you can regain your penis sensitivity. One of these ways is to change the way that you masturbate. Your penis needs to be able to feel different sensations. Instead, try having much more sex with your partner so that your penis will be trained to experience new things. Changing your diet can also help your penis regain its sensitivity. Try cutting out a lot of sugars, alcohol, and drugs in order to get your penis happy and healthy again. 

Lastly, use a strong penis cream. Swiss Botany's Down Under Penis Cream is perfect for penile sensitivity. When you begin to use this cream, you will notice just how great it is! After just a few uses, you will start to regain that sensitivity that you have been missing. We use the finest ingredients to make sure it is safe for your penis and for your skin. You will soon be thanking us for help in your life, physically and sexually. This is all because you try our Down Under Penis Cream!


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