Essential Oils for Breast Enhancement

Essential Oils for Breast Enhancement

Essential oils have been shown to help people find relief from different ailments and illnesses. Did you know that they can also help you with breast enhancement? That is true! There are many oils that can help stimulate your hormones to get your breasts to grow much larger. Here are the essential oils for breast enhancement. 

 Massage Blends for Breast Enhancement

When you start to massage your breasts to help them to grow, you may need help when it comes to keeping the skin soft and moisturized. That is how essential oils can help with a massage. These specialty oils can also help when it comes to helping to stimulate the estrogen in your breasts. The first blend is made by using the following oils, added to a base of coconut oil. The base should be at least one ounce of the blend. This blend is made by using 8 drops of rose oil to stimulate blood circulation in your breasts. Then use 8 drops of geranium oil to balance hormones and promote healthy breast growth. Add in 6 drops of orange blossom oil for helping with the secretion of hormones and add in 5 drops of ylang ylang oil for secretion of estrogen which can help breast growth. 

Another massage blend that you can try uses 3 drops of clary sage for estrogen production and balancing hormones added to 5 drops of geranium oil for hormone balance. Then you will add 5 drops of fennel which helps with the production of estrogen followed by 10 drops of lemongrass which helps to stimulate hormones and give relief for menstrual symptoms such as breast pain. Both of these blends can be used to help stimulate breast growth and your skin will smell and feel amazing. 

Lavender for Breast Enhancement

 Many essential oils will help to balance and stimulate the hormones in your body and increase your breast size. Lavender is one of these oils. For men who are looking to enhance their breasts, lavender has shown some great results. In studies done on men who use lavender, their breast size has increased after a few months of applying it to the breasts. With all essential oils, it is important to mix it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil. Some oils are very potent and can burn the skin. Because lavender contains phytoestrogen, it can help to stimulate the breast tissue growth. 

Research is still being done on essential oils and how they can help to improve your breast size, but as Breast Buddies, we should all share our stories of using them for breast enhancement. Check out our blog for other ways to enhance your breasts. 


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