Growing Your Breasts Natuarlly

Growing Your Breasts Natuarlly

Not every woman was born with the breast size of her dreams. All breasts are different and it is the woman's choice if she wants them to stay their current size or work on enhancing them. If you are unsure about surgically enhancing your breasts, you are in luck. There are many ways of growing your breasts naturally. In fact, here are a few that you can use!

 Massaging With Essential Oils

Essential oils are one of the most natural ways to add relief, enhancement, and positivity to your life. Enhancing your breasts is just one way that they can help you to find relief from your small breast size. There are specialty blends that you can make and start to massage your breasts with them. The oils used in each blend all help to add something to the body that helps your breast to get larger naturally. 

One oil blend is called the Flower Blend. You will need geranium oil, rose oil, orange blossom, and ylang ylang oil. In order to massage the blend onto your breasts, you will need to select your favorite carrier oil as well. Coconut and jojoba oil are both pretty good carrier oils. Rose oil is used in this blend to help get the blood circulating in the breasts, geranium is used for balances your hormones which helps to add size to your breasts, orange blossom is used for secretions of your hormones, and ylang ylang is used for balancing and secreting estrogen. You will need 8 drops of rose and geranium oils. Use 6 drops of orange blossom oil and 5 drops of ylang ylang with about a teaspoon of your carrier oil. When the blend is ready, start to massage your breasts with the mixture. To get the best results, make sure that you massage the blend at night or right after your shower. You will start to see some great results in a couple of weeks. 

Foods Can Help Too

Have you ever head someone say that food is medicine? They are 100% correct! Did you know that you can help to enhance your breast size by eating special foods? That's right! There are many foods that have different vitamins and minerals in them that can help to build the levels of estrogen in your body. This is one way that your breasts can become naturally enhanced. Some foods that you should start eating for breast enhancement are: apples, soya beans, green beans, and chick peas. All of these foods have some amazing benefits and you can start watching your breasts grow when you add more and more of these foods into your diet. 

With so many different, natural ways to enhance your breasts, it is time for you to try one! Swiss Botany has some great resources as well. With our Pueraria Mirifica Serum, you can start to see some great results right away!  You will never have to worry about breast surgeries are other creams that just don't work. 

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